Three Valley Chateau – Flower Photos

(three valley chateau photos)

I love flower photos, and I saw these flowers there. I couldn’t hold myself back from taking photos XD

3vc - f1
I love the flower’s texture πŸ˜€

3vc - f2
Pretty purple flower ❀

3vc - f3
I want to expose the side view of the flower, :3

3vc - f4
3vc - f5
Simple but appealing πŸ˜€

Like-a-Brain Flower

Remember the Sunflower post? I said that I’ll post the other photos I took at that day, and I’m ready to post one today!


At a glance, they look like brains right? But they aren’t XD

They are watery, cute, soft flowers with fur. I like to touch them hahaha πŸ˜€

I don’t know what they call. My mom said they called “jengger ayam” flowers (“cock’s comb” in English). Is it the name of the flower? I’m not sure. Please tell me what it is.


This is my most favorite photo of “jengger ayam”.Look at the texture of the trunk *O* and the flower’s seeds *O*

My mom asked me to bring the dry seeds but until now I haven’t taken some :s


Bonus (?) :


An insect. I took this picture from behind the sunflower’s leaf XD Flash was used, it was dark over there

My ‘the Butchart Gardens’ Photos

Hello! How have you been? I’m sorry for the delay in posting few of my photos in Butchart Gardens.. There are too much good photos, and I must put my blog’s link on each photos.

Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

The Butchart Gardens sign -

The Butchart Gardens sign –

Over 100 years in bloom? I got shocked when I read it because I know nothing about the Butchart Gardens ><

The Butchart Gardens, Sunken Garden -

The Butchart Gardens, Sunken Garden –

This is the Sunken Garden, the first beautiful huge garden after we come in. Unfortunately, when I took this photo, someone passing by (bottom left of the photo) >< It ruined the photo DX I can’t do the editing too, so.. yah.. I left that photo like that :/

Sunken Garden -

Sunken Garden –

This is the photo I took when I walked down the path πŸ™‚

Flowers on Top of the Bin XD -

Flowers on Top of the Bin XD –

I’m not kidding, this is real. Every top of the bins there have flowers on them. Just like the main theme of this garden, flowers~!

Pretty Flower ! -

Pretty Flower ! –

Similar-to-Bells Flowers -

Similar-to-Bells Flowers –

Cute but Big Flower -

Cute but Big Flower –

Unique Flower! -

Unique Flower! –

Similar to Bells Flowers -

Similar to Bells Flowers –

Looking Spicy Flower -

Looking Spicy Flower –

Pinky Flower -

Pinky Flower –

Some flowers photos I took there πŸ™‚

Flower and Bee -

Flower and Bee –

It’s very hard to take this photo >< My lens is 18-55mm, and I don’t use and don’t have tripod. I tried to get close as possible to the bee, shot once, and, it flew. Fyuhh.. Good thing that I can take this photo just the same as the one in my mind :3

Rose in Rose Garden -

Rose in Rose Garden –

I didn’t take much photo in the rose garden T.T I regret about it now πŸ˜₯

Trees at Japanese Garden -

Trees at Japanese Garden –

Japanese Garden's Pond -

Japanese Garden’s Pond –

It was almost green everywhere in Japanese garden

Italian Garden -

Italian Garden –

Do you see the pond? It shaped cross.Β Also didn’t take much photo here because I was too excited with the ice cream ><

Those are my photos in the Butchart Gardens, Canada~ What do you think about the gardens, and my photos? ^^ Really appreciate your comment! πŸ˜€