My Parents 20th Wedding Anniversary

Hi! I’m sorry for the delay in posting the photos of my journey to Canada T.T I don’t have time yet, school has been very busy! ><

I’ll tell and share some photos of what my parents and I did last September the 9th, 2012 ^^

My dad wanted to have the anniversary in the hotel, so he booked the hotel and gave surprise to my mom.

So, on Sunday, September 9th, 2012, we checked in to the one of the five stars hotel in my city. My dad booked the suite omg ><

The table -

The table –

The table (from the other side) -

The table (from the other side) –

When we came in, the ‘living room’ table greeted us~ There are bouquet, chocolate cake (well, I didn’t taste it 😛  my mom had already given it to her employees hehehe), a vase of red flower, fruits, small cookies, and chocolates.

The Cake! -

The Cake! –

After we put our things there, we went swimming~ 😀 We swam for about 1 hour, until the sky was dark, and then ate our dinner.

The dinner is the all you can eat one, we ate quite a lot. I took the main desserts a lot more than the main course XD The restaurant was so noisy, there were 3 people celebrating their birthday so we kept hearing the happy birthday song, sang by the hotel staffs.

When we went back again to our room, I was so sleepy. But before that, of course I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes to my pajama.

Flower -

Flower inside the room –

Bouquet -

Bouquet –



In the morning, I ordered a breakfast for one person in the room. I ate a fried rice, drank hot chocolate, milk, carrot juice and water (too bad I didn’t take a photo of it ><)

My dad and my mom, without ate anything, drove me to my school. Wah, I couldn’t stop laughing on the way to school because it’s so unusual, going to school not from home, but from hotel, hahaha 😀

The story ended here ^^

How long have your parent been married? 😛


July 21st & July 22nd – Time with my mom’s friend & Sunday time

July 21st, 2012

I woke up quite morning, 7AM (it was holiday)

My mom said that I would have a piano lesson at 8.30AM in exchange of the Thursday’s. At 8, my piano teacher texted me and said that we better took the lesson at 8.30. I agreed. But, at 8.30, she said sorry, because we can’t have the lessin that day. She had an urgent thing related to her family. So, I didn’t have the lesson on Saturday..

At 11.30, like usual, I had a math/physics lesson. We used half of the time to do the math and the other half for physics. In the middle of the lesson, my teacher asked where my family and I would go for the next holiday. I just laughed. When the lesson ended, my mom said that I shouldn’t laugh, but told her where we would go, because not telling her is somehow arrogant (she said this) uhh 😦 I keep remember it, eventhough I.really want to forget it. The more we want to forget thing, the more we remember about it..

I took a nap in the afternoon.

I’m happy for the 3PM, because at that time, my mom and I went to my mom’s friend (to make it short I’ll give her name Y) new house! 😀 She has a daughter which is much younger than me who always use English -English is their first language, I think-

Too bad, when I arrived there, we aren’t alone. My mom’s friend’s friend (to make it short I’ll give my mom’s friend’s friend name X) and X’s family were there! Y’s daughter focused to X’s son more than me 😦

After a verrryyy long time, about 3 hours, finally X’s family went somewhere.

Yay, finally TTuTT

I can’t enjoy the time at Y’s house because Y and her family member decided to go eat outside with my mom and I. So, we went to a place which has restaurants inside, named Loop.

We came in to a steak house. I ordered Heavy meal steak with melted cheese and yoghurt as my drink. Yum..

Because I was so hungry, I ate it fast hehehe

The older people chatted in the restaurant when we’ve finished our dinner. Y’s daughter, H, her “babysitter” and I decided to go around the place. We walked, H kept talking in English yeah and of course I replied, even sometimes I just mumbled XD

When we went back to the restaurants, seems like the older people already finished their chat. I thought we’ll go back to Y’s house, but I was wrong! They decided to buy “es puter”

The seller put the “es puter” inside a half of coconut shell. It’s cute, really like it, and it’s delicious 😀 We drank free coconut water too~ Ahh.. love it.

I thought that we would come back to Y’s house after eating “es puter”, but I was wrong (again) DX They kept talking. H and I were jumping here and there and spent our time doing that hahaha

At 9.30PM, they finally finished talking. Fyuhh.. We went back to Y’s house, but it’s too late to go in so we decided to go home. H kept begging my mom to stay there, H wanted us to stay for 60 minutes. My mom said no. She reduced the time into 30 minutes, my mom said sorry, no, and the her last effort, “Only 1 minutes, please?” Of course my mom refused, because it already too late. In heavy-hearted way, she went outside our car.


July 22nd, 2012

It was Sunday, and I’ll tell you my story after the church.

My mom wanted to buy T-shirts for our next holiday (She has only few T-shirt for going overseas now). But before that, of course we must take our lunch. We ate at a restaurant that my grandparents like. I don’t like it at all.

Then, we went to the Atom mall. It was so hard to search for parking lot there, so my dad decided to take the VIP parking lot and paid more expensive.

We went around the Atom mall, but there weren’t good T-shirt enough. My mom bought 2 shorts there. We decided to go to the old Atom, at 5PM, it almost close. My mom found a nice shop, the owner was also nice (we like him), and my mom bought 2 T-shirts, finally.

We went to other mall after the Atom closed. My mom bought a pair of new shoes, for aerobic and for our next holiday. I asked dad to buy it too but he refused. My mom’s shoes were expensive >.< It’s a huge brand of international shoes 😡

After that, we ate at foodcourt. Usually my dad doesn’t want to eat there but it’s unusual that dad brought my mom and I there :O

I spent the night at home

What do you usually do if you go to someone’s house and they have a guess?

I know my last questions aren’t related to my post, but the London 2012 is in 2 days again! *O* What do you do for it? Will you watch live? 😀 and … What sport do you like the most? ^^

Story of My July 14th and 15th, 2012

July 14th, 2012

Do you come to school on Saturday? Unfortunately I do 😦

There isn’t any lesson for Saturday, only a “Character Building”. We usually hear the lecture by the teacher, after that watch movie, and my school day on Saturday always boring =3=

There’s something different from the usual Saturday and last Saturday. Why? Because there wasn’t any Character Building, but there was an opening of the new school years worship.

For the 9th grader from my school, we had the worship at school’s hall at fourth floor.

My 3 best friends and I sat behind, but then my homeroom teacher asked us to sit in our class group (means that I was separated from them ><)

The hall was already full, and only one seat left in my group, in front, beside a boy. Oh >A< I hope I go there faster so I could sit beside my best friend from my class 😦

The worship was good, except the time when students talked when the preacher was talking. I don’t like it

We went home earlier than usual Saturday. We’re happy. When I was at home, I spent my time reading novel that I have

At 11.30, my new math, physic, and chemistry teacher came. She’s my previous teacher’s older sister. I enjoy studying with her.

After finished my lesson at 1PM, I was using the internet. I used it until night, and my mom was angry about it (actually my mom allows me to use the internet only for 1 hour but I often disobey her :P)

I decided to sleep when my dad came and I avoided more speech from my mom xP


July 15th, 2012

It’s Sunday and my family and I must go to the church 🙂 There isn’t any special thing here so I just skip this 😀

Then, my dad had his hair colored at my mom’s friend’s salon.

After that, we went to the mall, to tighten my glasses, cleaned my, my dad’s, and my mom’s glasses (Glasses family DX previously I didn’t wear it but I wear it now 😦 ) and bought the oil for avoiding mosquitoes’ bites.

The quite ‘unusual thing’ (?) started in the evening. I went to the hospital to visit my mom’s uncle. When my parents and I was at the parking lot, we saw loooooooooootttttttttsssssss of birds were hanging at trees. We amazed at how much the birds were. It was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera with me and my phone’s camera can’t zoom 😦

My dad and mom were talking with my mom’s uncle and his wife, my mom’s cousins, and I only stay quiet in one edge. I felt weird there ><

Few of my aunts talked with me about my school, and talked about school (Oh, school! DX) But that topic ended fast.

We stayed there for about… 1 hour? :O Wew

We walked to the parking lot together with my mom’s cousin and his wife.

On the way there, my mom said that he looked similar to his father. He laughed hard and he said that lots of people said that too. So, one day, when he went to his father’s place of birth, there was a man at the same age at his father’s, shouted to him, “Hey! Why don’t you greet me, (his father’s name)?” He said he was confused at first and then he laughed and answered, “No, I’m his son”

It’s funny to be called as your father’s name, even you look a lot younger than you father :p

After telling that story, my dad told him that he should sing “Be-Bop-A-Lula” and “Oh Carol” (2 songs that usually his dad sing in family events). He answered, “Later” with a big smile

We laughed. Oh! When’s the last time we heard his songs? I like his voice and I miss his voice, hahahaha XD


Have you ever being mistaken by anyone else? I didn’t (haven’t XD) Tell me your story below 😉

Short Story of My 9th, 10th, and my 11th July

July 9th, 2012

My cousins stayed at my 2nd uncle’s house. But, my mom insisted to go to my grandparents’ house first, of course because she want to see her sister.

We were there for about 3 hours (it means 3 hours alone!) and finally my aunt said that we should go to my 2nd uncle’s house (finally! >.<)

At my uncle’s house, my cousins were practicing music for the night. Few of them also played the computer, online games.

They decided, I would be the violist, my biggest cousin and his sister would be the pianist, 1 of my cousin from Jakarta who masters guitar would be the guitarist, his brother would be the one who plays recorder, my tallest cousin also from Jakarta will be the drummer, his brother would sing, and 1 left, my cousin who born on the same year as me but he’s 1 grade below me, would play bass. The thing that I don’t like about him, he acted like he already mastering the guitar (and the bass), but he actually doesn’t [his character is just like his father’s, oh my]! I play much better than him ==

In the evening, we ate again, at the same restaurant in June 4th :/ We also performed and received standing applause :3

July 10th, 2012

I didn’t meet my cousins until night :(. I stayed at my grandparents’ house. I wanted to go to my 2nd uncle’s house, but my mom didn’t want to.

I stayed there all night. My cousins said that they would come back to my grandparents’ house at night but they didn’t 😦

July 11th, 2012

My cousins came back to Jakarta today. I didn’t meet them, so July 9th was the last time I meet them in this holiday 😦 Bye bye cousins, and uncles and aunts. I hope we’ll meet again next year…

It’s the time to end this holiday series.. Starting tomorrow, I’ll start with my school stories, because holiday ends today, and school starts tomorrow ^^ I just hope for the 9th grade I’ll have a great time with everyone 🙂

Story of my July 7th and July 8th, 2012

July 7th, 2012

It’s July the 7th, and I must go to school (first day of school after the holiday!), but… I didn’t. Hehehehe. I think it’s.. not worth, compare to things I must do, for example, wake up in the morning 4.30AM. In the afternoon I asked my friend who came in, “What’re the activities in school today?” She replied, “Only looking at the class, wrote the lesson schedule and the teachers”. Then I asked her for the lesson schedule and she gave me without asking more 😀

I had a Chinese lesson near my home at the time when school ended.

After my Chinese lesson, as usual, I went to my grandparents’ house! 😀 But, unfortunately, my cousins weren’t there DX there were only my grandparents and my aunt.. 😦 I waited there, ate some things, played my phone, read book (but failed – I can’t concentrate ==)

Few hours passed (it feels like thousands of years), finally my cousins came. They were dropped by my biggest cousin, but then my biggest cousin went to meet his friends. Suddenly my grandparents’ house became very noisy. I was happy. We talked again, and, my cousins became radio announcers again! Well, there wasn’t any funny story again, my cousin refused to make another one and he ignored me when I was mentioning the funny story :/ The radio talked about girlfriends and boyfriends, soccer, with songs as the background sound. But there actually not consistent. The topic changed every 5 minutes 😛

The radio finished because my cousins received a phone call from my cousin (my 2nd uncle’s daughter). She asked my cousins to go to her house (again). So my cousins prepared for themselves, by taking a shower (me too XD)

I don’t know what happened, but my cousin (the one from Jakarta) angry to her mom because of money. Yeah, money. They argued, my cousin said that he needs more money etc, I didn’t pay attention to it because it’s a common thing. His mom gave him money, he accepted it at first, but after that he refused to take it. My grandma asked him to take the money again, and yah, he brought the money.

After that ‘medium-size-fight’, my cousins went to my 2nd uncle’s house. I stayed at my grandparents’ house, alone again DX

I thought I would spent the rest of the day there, alone in my grandparents’ house, but fortunately, my grandpa wanted to spend time with my cousins, so we went to my 2nd uncle’s house! XD My grandpa bought 70 satays too.

When we arrived at my 2nd uncle’s house, there weren’t anyone there. They went outside to eat in the restaurant. My grandparents, my aunt, my mom and I waited, prepared the satay, ate the satay. About 1 hour later, they finally came, also brought food, such as ‘terang bulan’and ‘martabak’. Yum! They also ate the satay, and opened the television. There were our favorite TV program, Indonesian idol. We ate and we watched 😀

It’s so late, the Indonesian idol hadn’t finished but we must go back. My cousins slept in my 2nd uncle for the day. My grandparents and my aunt were dropped at my grandparents’ house, and my mom and I went home..


July 8th, 2012

I didn’t meet my cousins on Sunday.

I went to church. During the devotion (? I’m sorry I don’t know what’s the English but in my language it’s called ‘kebaktian’), I received a phone call from my cousin. I forgot to turn my phone off so it was ringing loud. Ohhh >////<

After the devotion, my mom checked her phone. There were phone calls and text messages. Ah, the reason my cousin called me because my cousins and my 2nd uncle family wanted us to join their lunch together, but we refused.

My dad, mom, and I had soto as our lunch. I really love soto 😀 After that we went home.

I spent the time at home browsing the internet. At 8PM, my mom wanted me to change my clothes.

For dinner, we ate outside 😀 We went to one of the Korean restaurant in my city. We took a package for 4 people. We ate, and we were very full. Like the usual thing in Korean restaurant, before our main menu arrived, usually there were foods in small plates, for the appetizers maybe. And then, the main menu arrived. There were capjay (it’s a Korean noodle, I love it), and 4 plates of raw meat. The waitress (?) grilled them for us. Imagine, we’re only 3 but we took 4 person package. Imagine how full we were! XD

We brought the half capjay and a small plate of cooked meat home.

For the desserts, we had ice coffee (for my dad, it’s  bitter for me), warm cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, and read beans ice cream. I love the vanilla ice cream the most 😀

The smell of the smoke of the grilled meat stayed on my hair, going to wash it this morning 😛

What’s your favorite TV program? Are there any of Korean restaurant in your city? What’s your favorite food there?

Short Story About July 5th and July 6th, 2012

July 5th, 2012

I arrived at my grandparent’s house in the afternoon. When we arrived there, my mom’s aunt, her daughter, and one of her grandson were in my grandparents’ house, chatted and joked with my aunts and uncles from Jakarta. And my mom also joined them. I was so awkward there >< They kept joking, I joined and yah, but I couldn’t really talk there :/

About 2.30PM, they stopped talking (finally XD Oh, I sounds like a mean girl DX). They went to their home, and my mom, my aunt (my mom’s sister), and I went to the mall. Before that, we said goodbye to my 3rd uncle and his wife because they wanted to go back to Jakarta. See you later, uncle and aunt ><

I arrived at the cinema on the top of the mall at 3PM. My biggest cousin said that the movie will started at 3.30PM. Then, my mom offered us to eat ice cream first. So, we went one floor below to eat it. I ate vanilla noodle ice cream (ice cream that shaped like noodles), 1 of my cousins ate fruit ice cream (vanilla ice cream with few fruits below), and 6 of my cousins ate macedonia (ice cream with quite-hard liquor in the middle) –> I’ve ever tried it but I don’t like it XD. We took +15 minutes to finished our ice creams.

We watched the Amazing Spiderman 4 in the cinema, with my cousins. Well, I like it, no comment about it, because I’m not good at giving comment :), sorry

After that, we went back to my grandparents’ house, and talked and chatted like usual..


July 6th, 2012

Well, today isn’t too fun 😦 2 of my cousins from Jakarta joined my 2nd uncle, my aunt, and my biggest cousin to Lumajang. But they won’t stay there for a night. But still, they will arrived in Surabaya very late midnight.

Finally, I GOT MY LETTERS!! YIHAAAAAAA XDDDDDDDD. This holiday I just got 1 letter on June and 2 letters on July (arrived today). It’s quite unusual for me, because usually I arrive lots of letter every week 😦

The quite fun thing happened in the evening. My 2 cousins (other cousins from Jakarta) acted like radio announcers. They were soooo funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. And one of them also made a funny story. It started about the chickens that my grandpa bought (the conversations and the way he told it made it funny) and ended about…. Oh, I forgot. There were no ending. The story just stopped. I’m going to ask him about the continuation tomorrow, I think XD


Have you watched the Amazing Spiderman 4? What do you think about it? And what’s the funniest story that you’ve ever made, with or without your family?

Eat Again, Very Full

July 3rd, 2012

Remember the 1 car that went to Malang previously? There aren’t any news until evening about them 2 days ago. My mom and I also didn’t go to my grandparents house because my mom was busy. Well, I’ll make it short, because I don’t know what’s happening there, and my life was at usual 😛


July 4th, 2012

I woke up late. So, in the afternoon, my mom and I went to the Chiropractic. There’s a new doctor there, from Jakarta (the old doctor passed away 😦 ) . He explained a lot about my mom’s scoliosis, with more details, not like the previous doctor. Then, he asked about my x-ray. I never done x-ray so I said I didn’t have it. He asked me to take an x-ray. Okay. And one more, the previous doctor said that swimming is good for healing the chiropractic. The new doctor said that swimming for chiropractic isn’t good and he suggested to walk in the water and do some exercises that he told my mom & I. Confusing, but I must do it. Maybe this doctor is more modern than the previous one..

When we had our ‘spinal adjustment’ done, my mom got a text from her little sister (my aunt) that her little sister’s husband already in the plane. Bye uncle :/ See you later…

After went to chiropractic, I went to my grandparent’s house, There were only my aunt (my mom little sister) and my grandma. We waited for a while, and my 3rd uncle with their family came from looking around Surabaya. My cousins brought 3 pizzas. Yumm… Not long after that, my grandpa with my other 2 cousins came. I asked to one of them how was his phone (that went into the swimming pool few days ago), he said his phone was okay, and he can use it now. Yay! Do you know how did he repair his phone? By putting it inside the rice (not the cooked one!) for 2 days (the recommended one is 3 days, but my cousin can’t stand without phone for a long time so he want to use it as fast as possible).

We stayed on my grandparents’ house for about 1 hour and after that we must prepare ourselves for going outside again, EAT. Oh my, too much eat DX

We ate at a Chinese restaurant that we like. My 2nd uncle ordered a lot >< All of us (including my cousins who eat much) felt full. We ate asparagus soup, white rice, fried pigeon, pochai (vegetable), fried noodle, boiled fish, prawn with mayonnaise. Very full. My youngest cousin (sorry) puke, but he didn’t admit it ==

After we finished our dinner, even our stomach were full, 5 of my cousins still wanted to buy ‘es campur’ and ‘es kacang hijau’. Only few of us went home.

My mom dropped my grandparents and one of my cousin at my grandparents’ house. My day finished XD


What did you eat for the big dinner with your big family? Were you very full too?