Two Sweet Dogs – at Okanagan Lake

Hello, how are you? ^^ Your Jofiane is baaacckk!! (Sorry for the long hiatus +___+)

Today I want to show you the sweetness of these gentle two dogs >w<

Two sweet dogs - Hello by Jofiane
“Oh! My soulmate has come!”


Two sweet dogs - I Love You by Jofiane
“Hello honey”


Two sweet dogs - Hi Honey by Jofiane
“I love you..” “I love you too”


Kids Candid Photography – at Okanagan Lake, Canada

It was hot when I arrived at Okanagan Lake, we walked a bit far from place of the drop-off, and when we arrived near the lake, this statue made me interested ^^

The local guide said that this is the statue of “Ogopogo”, Okanagan Lake’s ‘monster’.

Few kids were playing with it, so I didn’t miss the chance to take their photo! ^^

Playing with the Ogopogo statue by Jofiane

Playing with the Ogopogo statue - two children - by Jofiane




and the last photo… it’s me! I wanted to take a photo with the ‘lake monster’ too XD

With Ogopogo, it's me Jofiane


(wrong costume, yeah ^^;;)

A Handsome Guy At The Okanagan Lake

Hello, sorry for not updating for a long time ;;A;;
Today I’ll post my favorite photos:

This handsome guy at the Okanagan Lake, Canada!!

Handsome guy 1


He looked handsome with his super sunglasses πŸ˜€


When he saw water, he jumped!

Handsome guy 2


Drink the Wine

Drink the Wine


All of the people there above 20 years old can drink the wine… (so I can’t T~T but don’t worry, I tried it secretly haha)

Two of my tour ‘friends’ πŸ™‚

photo taken at Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Glow in the Dark Soap

Hi~ Sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time.. School life is ‘killing’ me slowly .__.

I want to share 2 interesting photos πŸ™‚

It’s the “glow in the dark” soap ^^

My dad has the hobby of buying soaps from countries we’ve been to, and my dad bought this soap in Canada^^


There’s something special about this soap, it can glow in the dark!


“You will never lose your soap again” is the slogan.. I remember it because I kept reading the slogan hehe πŸ™‚

I forgot where we bought it so anyone know and can tell me where? Β Thanks Β πŸ˜€