Ephesus Pillars

Ephesus Pillars



Taken in Turkey, at the ancient city Ephesus, which is big (I was really surprised back there). And when I walked around, I imagined about what happened in the past…


San Fransisco Recreation and Parks, Palace of Fine Arts photo

SF - Palace of Fine Arts - 1

San Fransisco Recreation and Parks – Palace of Fine Art sign

SF - Palace of Fine Arts - 2

I didn’t go inside it. It was raining, I joined a group tour but only few people went off from the bus and looked around, my family and I didn’t want our group tour waited too long so we didn’t spend a long time there 😦

SF - Palace of Fine Arts - 3
The full view :3

SF - Palace of Fine Arts - 4

From the right side of the building

SF - Palace of Fine Arts - 5


There were swans on the lake~ I’ll post their photos tomorrow~ ^^