Fly Free

Fly Free


Birds flying over my head when I was in a ferry, in Turkey.

My dad was giving them hard (unopenable) pistachio nuts that my mom bought from a seller before going up to the small ferry.


Two Sweet Dogs – at Okanagan Lake

Hello, how are you? ^^ Your Jofiane is baaacckk!! (Sorry for the long hiatus +___+)

Today I want to show you the sweetness of these gentle two dogs >w<

Two sweet dogs - Hello by Jofiane
“Oh! My soulmate has come!”


Two sweet dogs - I Love You by Jofiane
“Hello honey”


Two sweet dogs - Hi Honey by Jofiane
“I love you..” “I love you too”

A Handsome Guy At The Okanagan Lake

Hello, sorry for not updating for a long time ;;A;;
Today I’ll post my favorite photos:

This handsome guy at the Okanagan Lake, Canada!!

Handsome guy 1


He looked handsome with his super sunglasses 😀


When he saw water, he jumped!

Handsome guy 2