The Celebration of Indonesian Independence Day in My School

August 17 actually is Indonesian Independence Day.

Usually, I must go to school and have the ceremony. But, this time, I won’t need to~! *happy* Only the representative of the class (the ‘head’, the ‘vice head’, the secretary, and the treasurer of my class and other classes in my school) come to school and will have the ceremony XD

But, it doesn’t mean that we don’t celebrate it. We celebrate it. We must do it. It’s our form of pride of our country.

So, yesterday (August 11, 2012), my school held an Indonesian Independence Day celebration. To be honest, it wasn’t fun at all!

For the first thing to do, we (all of the students) did the morning were… morning aerobic. The 7th and the 8th grader of my school did it, but the 9th grader (including me) just did half of it XD

After that, there were 4 kinds of contests: poetry reading contest, speech contest, traditional dance contest, presentation of food contest, and vocal group contest. I didn’t join any of them, and my class joined the vocal group contest. There was a thing that I regret about my class. My class has lots of talented students, in every ‘sector’, such as smart students, creative students, good in music students, good in comedy, etc. There must be 5 people in the vocal group. 2 of my friends very well in guitar and 3 of my friends sing. 2 of my friends who sing are well in singing, but, the other one, I must said that she’s bad in singing, at all! (it’s the girl in my 27th of July 2012 post). And, she brought the mic alone! (my other 2 good-voiced friend used 1 mic only). OMG! Her voice was a false. Because she brought the mic, it ruined the whole performance, even the peak of the songs too!  And, the vocal group ended up lose. The opponent group was more awesome.

Until now, I keep wondering, why didn’t they choose me, who’s better?

If… If they choose me, my class might be win because I can sing in second and third voice, also, my voice is above the average..

I won’t type about the other activities there because there weren’t any fun things to tell 😛


When’s the independence day in your country? And how’s the usual celebration at your school / your surroundings? Have you ever feel like what I feel?


p.s: I’m sorry if you, the girl, or the girl’s friend, read this. This is what I feel deep inside my heart. Don’t hate me and don’t ask your friends to confront me, please.


27th and 28th of July, 2012 – My Mom’s Friend’s Daughter’s, “SA”‘s Birthday and What I Did On The Next Day

27th and 28th of July, 2012 – My Mom’s Friend’s Daughter’s, “SA”‘s Birthday and What I Did On The Next Day

July 27th, 2012

Nothing was fun on school days -.-

For the first and second lesson, my Religion teacher in class didn’t came in, so there was a teacher who replaced my religion teacher to ‘guard’ us, the students. The religion teacher gave us a task, and we must make a group, both male and female must in the group of 5. The task was to make a quite long essay about our opinion about the quite important thing in my surroundings.

I was in the group with a good writer. But the thing that I don’t like is that he always hears his friend (also in my group – a girl)’s comment and things related and unrelated to the topic, but ignored me. I don’t know, he doesn’t like me or only pay attention to his friends. Yeah, I’m outside his inner circle but please treat the other fairly 😦

The Math and Geographic were boring as usual. The Music, only sang and wrote some things, and computer, like usual.

I had a violin lesson after the school, but I forgot about it at all. My mom called me 10 minutes after the school bell rang, I was in the ‘antar jemput’ car. And I screamed, “Oh, I forgot!” and ran from the car after telling the driver that I wouldn’t go home with it.

After violin lesson, I went home, took a shower and lunch, after that I had a nap.

In the evening, I prepared for my mom’s friend’s daughter SA 😀

My mom and I arrived at the restaurant at 6PM.

The time at the invitation was 5 PM but when I arrived there only half of the room came.

So, the opening was made by SA’s friend. 7 pair of girls and boys came out to the stage. Than, they holding hands, walked in a circle, following the music. After that, they went off the stage, standing side by side on the path to the stage. They held a balon each. So, finally, at 7PM, SA came in 🙂 she was wearing a very nice pink long dress. When she walking passed the pairs of boys and girls, they released the ballons they had.

SA thanked us with 3 languages : Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian. I wonder why she wouldn’t use English, her speciality. She also sang a song. She has a nice voice 😀

After she sang, she gave pieces of cakes to her parents and grandparents. And she cut the big cake on the stage. I think she should do the cutting first :/

And, the games started 😀

The first game was sit on the chair. So, there were 6 chairs. SA’s boy friend who joined the game were 7 person. There was a song, but when the song stopped, they must sit on the chairs. It’s quite funny, because on the two last rounds of the game, they refused to sit. I don’t know why, maybe they were afraid of being punished or something. And the last round, the one who lost previously sit on the chair. He’s the winner. Weird right? :p

The boys who lost at the first game must do the second game as a punishment. So the 6 people teamed up, became 3 teams. One person in each team put a can of coke at their upper leg, and the other one must zip the coke from there. It’s somehow weird and funny x.x

The third game was for couples. So there were 3 high school couples. Their eyes were closed, and the girls must hold the long marshmallow using their mouth without touching it. Both the boys and the girls must ate it, and the fastest would be the winner. There was something funny there. When the 2 couples ate the marshmallow fast, the other couple ate the marshmallow slowly and enjoyed it. Their friends laughed at them, but it seems that they didn’t realise it. Even the MC gave more marshmallow to them than other couples but they kept eating it slowly without realised it. It was sooo funny! xDD

The 4th game: make a long line from the door until the stage and must touch SA’s feet with their body and things that the participants have. The A group was smart. They borrowed their friends’ belts. The group B couldn’t do anything because they didn’t have idea to do that. And, as predicted, group A was the winner.

After that, SA and her best friend, C, danced in front! Their moves were a bit disorganised but it was good after all. They use KPOP songs (my favorite kind of music xD)

The 5th game was weird. A boy must be tied on a chair and his shirt taken off. The other 5 boys must use lots of lipstick and kiss the tied boy’s body (disguisting!). The one who kissed the most would win. Yuck 😡 I didn’t enjoy this game.

For the last game, the girls move the pingpong ball from the boys’ trousers and make it go out from their shirt. This wasn’t fun, and one of the girl shy to do this :p (Who doesn’t? X.x)

After that last game, here were photo session. It makes me remember that it seems like the theme of this sweet seventeen is similar to a wedding party. Really.

There isn’t anything to complain about the food.The food were delicious, but I don’t remember what were they, sorry :p

After all, I love this sweet seventeen anniversary 🙂

July 28, 2012

It was an event that held on July 27th but it was on July 28th in my country. What was that? The opening ceremony of London Olympic 2012

I must woke up at 3AM to watch it. I was sooo sleepy but it went away after I reminded myself that I really want to watch it.

After a quite long wait, finally it started! :3

I really enjoyed it, but I like the first one best, the one about the history of England.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch it until the end. The car that pick me up to school came, so it means that I didn’t watch the closing firework! T.T I want to watch it later, search for it in youtube, but I don’t have time for it yet :/

Tell me about your or your friend’s sweet seventeen birthday party~ ^^ What’s your favorite game in those parties? Did you watch the London 2012 Opening Ceremony? What do you think about it? ^^

July 18th – 20th, 2012 , and something that shouldn’t happened

July 18th, 2012

It’s school day, and I think I don’t need to say much about this

The 1st and 2nd lesson are math. I can do the question, but I did a mistake and my friend repaired it for me xD

The 3rd and the 4th lesson are civic, about the country. I like the teacher. She explaines everything clearly.

The 5th and the 6th are biology. We wrote the things related to human’s body :p

Actually, the real schedule of the 7th and the 8th lesson is electronics, but I don’t know why, the teacher changed it into biology and physics, so we had 40 minutes x 3 for biology! We were very bored..

We only wrote the physic formula for the 8th lesson.

July 19th, 2012

Study at home (My school never say holiday. It replace it with study at home)

I started to online at 9PM. About 10PM, my mom went with my grandma to physiotherapist because my grandma’s legs are round-shaped (because she fell down).

I onlineeedd, until the afternoon, my mom called me, “Stop! Turn off the laptop and go to sleep”

I answered, “Yes Mom”

But… I didn’t stop. I kept online.

About 2PM, my mom called again, “Have you eaten your lunch?”

I pretended I’ve slept so mom didn’t know I was online, “I haven’t, mom”

“Hurry eat your lunch!”

I ate my lunch, and kept online. I onlined until 4PM and decided to take a nap, turned on my alarm at 4.45PM, because I have a piano lesson at 5PM

My mom called, I looked at the clock, 5.45PM. Oh no. She was angry to me, because she had been outside for 1.5 hours (She rang the bell, she called me hundreds time, my dad also called me, my mom jumped over the fence and banged the door until the neighbors and the security came around my house), and my piano teacher already came back to her home. Oh nooooooooo DX

She’s angry, of course, and she should pay because my teacher was coming 😦 (My piano lesson fee is very expensive)

I wish I sleep earlier so this will never happened T.T

July 21st, 2012

It’s still holiday today

In the morning, I practiced violin.

Remember the family reunion I had last holiday? My uncle asked for the photos in my camera. My oldest cousin is in Surabaya now, and he want to bring the CD contains my photos. So, I burned the photos to 2 disc. I failed for the first disc (don’t know why), but I did well for the 2nd disc. It’s my first time doing this and I wonder why it took a long of time to burn 700mb photos :/ I brought the 2 CDs and my memory card so I think I’ll burn it again using my cousins’ laptop.

Then, I went to chiropractic. There weren’t anybody there, which is unusual. So my mom and I did some exercises and got our spine adjusted.

After the chiropractic, I had a violin lesson. The teacher was late for 1 hour x_x We practiced the song for the competition next month (please wish me luck >w<). Ah, I still did many mistakes 😦

I had my violin lesson at my cousin’s house and my cousins hadn’t come before the lesson, so I met my oldest cousin’s little sister (my 2nd oldest cousin and the only girl cousin I have :D) after the violin lesson. I decided not to give her my CD but copied and pasted all the reunion photos in my camera’s memory card.

I watched my favorite KPOP music program at home at 5PM, played my phone, and at 7PM, I had a Chinese lesson.

I wrote this post when my mom is watching the television and I have a task to search for the Canada’s temperature for our next holiday ¯ I’ll tell my travelling stories here too 😀 Please wait for August~~ 😀

What’s your “something that shouldn’t happened” story? And where will you go for the next holiday? 😛

Monday and Tuesday – July 16th and 17th

I’ve read lots of postings in blogs and I think my post titles aren’t interesting at all XD I don’t have any idea about what should I use for my title, and when I reread my contents, “Awhh,,, it’s very awful XD” I’ll try to repair it. I’m a beginner in writing essay (?) in English so I’m sorry about my mistakes :/

July 16th, 2012

Homeroom teacher’s time for the first subject on Monday~! Well she didn’t say much and nothing interesting happened…

English is the 2nd and the 3rd subject.  Previously I was excited to see my new English teacher. But… I was disappointed. I think the previous English teacher for 9th grader is much better than the now teacher ;___; The previous teacher (who taught me and few of my friends when we wanted to go to the English competition last year) moved to the high school  >A< She’s better, I like her, she has a rich English dictionary, and I like her pronunciation too 😦 I don’t know who will teach my friend and I for the next competition, will it be her, or the English Conversation teacher? I want the previous teacher back TT^TT My school use a new English books (that are far better than the last year and last 2 years’ books). There are 4 welcome sections there, and she talked about the 1st and the 2nd sections (which I already mastered >.<)

It’s quite hard to explain my 4th subject. Err.. It’s called guidance counseling. It’s related to psychology, I think. I’m not sure, but there isn’t any test for this subject (that makes me happy) 😀

For the 5th and the 6th lesson, I have the physics. The teacher talked about atom and the objects with electricity. My close friends and I talked about the teacher. The teacher never brings the physic book, notes, and other stationary. At first, we thought that he didn’t bring anything, but actually he ONLY brought a piece of paper. Oh my.. We joked and discussed why did he only bring a piece of paper, and our conclusion, maybe he’s just too smart 😛

The last lessons, the 7th and the 8th lesson are Math. He talked about unvarying shapes and how to count the sides. I can do it because I’ve studied about it with my new math teacher (last Saturday), and I (and my 2 friends) did the question my teacher asked correctly (and got extra mark of math :D) Yay ^^

In the evening, I talked to my friend via facebook about a game. It’s a game that I usually play offline using my Android. I just knew yesterday that I can play it using computer online and offline! XD (Thanks to my friend). But I can’t play it using the computer, to be honest. I like using my Android phone for playing games than using laptop XD It called osu! (And osu!droid for Android user) Maybe you should try it too :3


July 17th, 2012

The teacher of Bahasa Indonesia is very fun 😀 (But my friend thought that he isn’t, at all XD) He taught for the 1st and 2nd lesson.

The 3rd class is English Conversation 😀 We did a fun activity. First, we took a paper. Second, wrote our name using big size font in the middle. Third, wrote 4 things about me, it can be everything, hobbies, where to go, etc. Forth, we hang the paper using our first button of the uniform. Fifth, we interviewed 3 of our friends based on the 4 things that they had written in their papers. Fun, isn’t it? XD I like it very much, but my friend asked me to ask and answer the questions in Indonesian (but I didn’t want~! I used English until the end of the class)

The 4th lesson is Javanese. The teacher didn’t give us lesson, but she talked about how short our study time in 9th grade, how to count the marks so that we can go to the 10th grade, etc. She made few of students scary.

The 5th lesson is Economy. The teacher talked about how to pay in the past, and so on. It isn’t interesting at all DX

The 6th and the 7th lesson is English. To be honest I haven’t enjoy the English lesson at school 😦 She talked about the 3rd and the 4th welcome section. But, fortunately, she asked us to play a game. It’s not a fun game, but yeah, better there than there aren’t any. So, we must remember our number, and the conversation started like this

A: I lost my hat. Did you steal it?

B: Who! Me?

A: Yes, you!

B: Couldn’t be!

A: Then who?

B: It’s number …….

Yeah, the game isn’t fun because the number who called must do this conversation again and again. Few of my friends did a great gesture and expression, but just some…

In the evening there was a fellowship in my house. One of my mom’s friend’s daughter came. To be honest, I don’t like her. She’s too childish. Unfortunately, my 2 friends didn’t come so there were just 2 of us in my room. We were awkward, but after I mentioned KPOP she asked all of the KPOP songs and music video that I have (That’s one of why I don’t like her). But yah, that’s happen :/ Not a good story to talk about ==

What do you usually do when someone you don’t like go to your house? 😛

Story of My July 14th and 15th, 2012

July 14th, 2012

Do you come to school on Saturday? Unfortunately I do 😦

There isn’t any lesson for Saturday, only a “Character Building”. We usually hear the lecture by the teacher, after that watch movie, and my school day on Saturday always boring =3=

There’s something different from the usual Saturday and last Saturday. Why? Because there wasn’t any Character Building, but there was an opening of the new school years worship.

For the 9th grader from my school, we had the worship at school’s hall at fourth floor.

My 3 best friends and I sat behind, but then my homeroom teacher asked us to sit in our class group (means that I was separated from them ><)

The hall was already full, and only one seat left in my group, in front, beside a boy. Oh >A< I hope I go there faster so I could sit beside my best friend from my class 😦

The worship was good, except the time when students talked when the preacher was talking. I don’t like it

We went home earlier than usual Saturday. We’re happy. When I was at home, I spent my time reading novel that I have

At 11.30, my new math, physic, and chemistry teacher came. She’s my previous teacher’s older sister. I enjoy studying with her.

After finished my lesson at 1PM, I was using the internet. I used it until night, and my mom was angry about it (actually my mom allows me to use the internet only for 1 hour but I often disobey her :P)

I decided to sleep when my dad came and I avoided more speech from my mom xP


July 15th, 2012

It’s Sunday and my family and I must go to the church 🙂 There isn’t any special thing here so I just skip this 😀

Then, my dad had his hair colored at my mom’s friend’s salon.

After that, we went to the mall, to tighten my glasses, cleaned my, my dad’s, and my mom’s glasses (Glasses family DX previously I didn’t wear it but I wear it now 😦 ) and bought the oil for avoiding mosquitoes’ bites.

The quite ‘unusual thing’ (?) started in the evening. I went to the hospital to visit my mom’s uncle. When my parents and I was at the parking lot, we saw loooooooooootttttttttsssssss of birds were hanging at trees. We amazed at how much the birds were. It was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera with me and my phone’s camera can’t zoom 😦

My dad and mom were talking with my mom’s uncle and his wife, my mom’s cousins, and I only stay quiet in one edge. I felt weird there ><

Few of my aunts talked with me about my school, and talked about school (Oh, school! DX) But that topic ended fast.

We stayed there for about… 1 hour? :O Wew

We walked to the parking lot together with my mom’s cousin and his wife.

On the way there, my mom said that he looked similar to his father. He laughed hard and he said that lots of people said that too. So, one day, when he went to his father’s place of birth, there was a man at the same age at his father’s, shouted to him, “Hey! Why don’t you greet me, (his father’s name)?” He said he was confused at first and then he laughed and answered, “No, I’m his son”

It’s funny to be called as your father’s name, even you look a lot younger than you father :p

After telling that story, my dad told him that he should sing “Be-Bop-A-Lula” and “Oh Carol” (2 songs that usually his dad sing in family events). He answered, “Later” with a big smile

We laughed. Oh! When’s the last time we heard his songs? I like his voice and I miss his voice, hahahaha XD


Have you ever being mistaken by anyone else? I didn’t (haven’t XD) Tell me your story below 😉

My 1st and 2nd Day of School – July 12th and July 13th

School started on July 12th, 2012! So, yesterday was my 1st day at school 😀

Starting from yesterday, I also must go back to my daily routines, and the one that I dislike the most, is that I must get up at 4.30AM! >.< It’s still dark outside when I wake up :/

I prepare for myself, and the ‘antar jemput’ car (a car that contains students from the same school as mine, and pay for the car and the driver monthly) arrives in front of my house at 5.30AM (The sky is usually dark blue). I’m the 2nd people who come in. After that, the car go to other houses and pick up the other students too. We usually arrive at my school at 6.20AM.

Starting here, I’ll tell my story of my 1st and 2nd day of school


Thursday, July 12th, 2012

I’m officially a 9th grader now ^^

I came in to the 9-1 class. Because I didn’t go to the class on July 7th, I didn’t know where I should sit. I texted my friend, the only friend I know in the same class I’m in, and asked her to come faster. She replied my text where I should sit, but I didn’t understand what she meant so I asked the students in my class that I didn’t know, where the empty seats are, and decided to sit in front of my new friend, Grc.

The bell was ringing, and few minutes after that, my friend finally came. She searched for the left chair and table, but no table left! I shared half of my chair for her for sit for a while. Aihhh ==” It’s somehow funny when I remember about it now.

Someone brought the table and the chair for my friend after few minutes. She sit beside me 🙂

For Thursday, the first lesson is History. Yeah, history. Not a good lesson for the first lesson of the 9th grade.. 😦 My history teacher talked to us about how being a good 9th grader students, reminded us of how short the study time in grade 9 will be, and he explained a little about the history. We also must form a group for doing the history TASK.

The second lesson is Art. Art should be fun, the teacher talked about colors, and we must form another group for searching art with colorful colors, and we must not search for it from the internet, because from the internet we just need to copy paste it (she said) >A<

The third and the forth lesson is physical education (PE). My homeroom teacher is my PE teacher. She explained the theory about sport. I’m sad because we didn’t go outside and do the sport, but that’s okay I think, we will have the real sport next week ^^

The fifth lesson is the Biology. My biology teacher is the same with my 8th grade biology teacher 😀 Well, we only read the biology book, but not long after we start reading, the bell rang, means the sixth lesson started

The sixth lesson is Physic. My physic teacher talked about this and that, but I didn’t pay attention to him, because the way he talked about it to us was very boring. My eyes kept shutting.. And my friends’ too. Almost all of my classmates were sleepy, I think.

The seventh and the eighth lesson is Indonesian. Fortunately, my Indonesian teacher is quite funny. But the sleepiness still stayed..

Honestly speaking, my first day of school was very boring 😦 My eyes kept shutting and I feel that the time went very slow >A<


July 13th, 2012

For Friday, the first and the second lesson is Christian Religion. The teacher was my homeroom teacher when I was in 8th grade. My religion teacher is funny, but I don’t know why but today I don’t feel like enjoying his jokes.

The third lesson is Mathematics. For about 20 minutes my mathematics teacher talked about how we should behave and how short the study time will be (almost the same with the one my history teacher talked about). For another 20 minutes he talked about mathematics. Talking about mathematics makes me remember to one of my snail mail pen pal wrote on her last letter. She thought it’s better to write a letter to me than to study for the math test. Wew…

The fourth and the fifth lesson is Geography. Very boring, of course 😦 I kept yawning.

The sixth lesson is Music. There was something weird with my music teacher. She used the different voice from the one she usually uses. And she’s more feminine? She’s different from usual! My friends and I wonder, what happened to her. Is it because she used the skirt? I don’t know. She’s different.

The seventh and the eighth lesson is Computer. Fortunately, I get the teacher from my 8th grade, she’s very nice. But, we must form a group to make things again >A< So many groups! @.@ For the eighth lesson we go to the computer laboratory. There aren’t any games again there, the teacher already erased all of the games 😦 I actually have games in my USB, but I’m afraid if I use that USB in my school’s computer, my USB will contain virus.. I hope the other student install the games in the computer..

My second day of school also boring, but not as boring as my first day. I hope for Monday and another days it will be fun 🙂


My school style is probably different for few countries. The students stay in a class, and the teachers go around. I wish I have the school that must go to another class every change of the lesson 😦


What school style do/did you have? Was your first and second day of school really fun, or boring?