130311 Flowers for Daddy

My dad’s birthday is on March 11th. Giving flowers for special occasion is my family’s new habit, and for my dad’s birthday, my mom bought him a flower arrangement

db - f1

[It’s my first time editing and posting an over edit photo :3]

The color of the flowers were pink, purple, and white. I love the white lilies the most, because they’re white (one of my fav color) and had the best smell ever πŸ˜€


Next month (April 17th) is my birthday. I hope my parents buy a huge flower arrangement for me haha XD


What do you think about the flower arrangement? What do you usually give for your precious ones?


Glow in the Dark Soap

Hi~ Sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time.. School life is ‘killing’ me slowly .__.

I want to share 2 interesting photos πŸ™‚

It’s the “glow in the dark” soap ^^

My dad has the hobby of buying soaps from countries we’ve been to, and my dad bought this soap in Canada^^


There’s something special about this soap, it can glow in the dark!


“You will never lose your soap again” is the slogan.. I remember it because I kept reading the slogan hehe πŸ™‚

I forgot where we bought it so anyone know and can tell me where? Β Thanks Β πŸ˜€

Like-a-Brain Flower

Remember the Sunflower post? I said that I’ll post the other photos I took at that day, and I’m ready to post one today!


At a glance, they look like brains right? But they aren’t XD

They are watery, cute, soft flowers with fur. I like to touch them hahaha πŸ˜€

I don’t know what they call. My mom said they called “jengger ayam” flowers (“cock’s comb” in English). Is it the name of the flower? I’m not sure. Please tell me what it is.


This is my most favorite photo of “jengger ayam”.Look at the texture of the trunk *O* and the flower’s seeds *O*

My mom asked me to bring the dry seeds but until now I haven’t taken some :s


Bonus (?) :


An insect. I took this picture from behind the sunflower’s leaf XD Flash was used, it was dark over there

Sunflower β™₯

sunflower 1

On December 10th, my mom was late to pick me up from school. I waited at the “security post”, about 300 meters from my school.

I phoned my mom, and she said I must wait for about 20 minutes. I get bored easily, so I searched for things to do around me (I was alone there).

Then, this sunflower caught my attention

sunflower 2

I rarely see sunflower before, so I won’t miss this opportunity!

I didn’t bring my SLR camera with me, fortunately I brought my Samsung GT-I8150 and I snapped some photos πŸ˜€

The position of the sunflower gave me a disadvantage. The flower faced the street, so, I must go to the middle of the street (and took photos) to get the full flower and nice photos. I was afraid of getting hit, so I tried to take photos from the roadside, but I failed DX

sunflower 3

When I snap photos, I often forget about my time. Waiting wasn’t boring anymore. 10 minutes had passed, and I hadn’t got anything good. I was very upset and took a brave decision, took a photo from the road. Not exactly in the middle of the road, but it was a dangerous position

It’s a success. I got a beautiful photo of that sunflower!Β β™₯

sunflower 4

After I snapped that photo, I snapped some other things around me, which were much easier than the sunflower (I’m going to post them next Wednesday :D)

When I was admiring my work, my mom honked the car’s horn, and finally my wait time was over πŸ™‚


Thanks to the sunflower, I didn’t feel bored when I was waiting for my mom last Monday πŸ˜€

I saw the sunflower again today and it has already withered. Oh, it’s a good thing that I took the photos at the right time :3


What do you usually do when you wait for someone?

Early Christmas Celebration?

My family have a Christian fellowship (it started before I was born), and it grows bigger and bigger weeks by weeks

Last 8th of December, 2012, we decided to have an ‘early’ Christmas celebration, at a comfortable restaurant


It was opened with saying hello each other, talked for a while, and we sang 5 Christmas songs..

My father gave the afterthought for about 15 minutes, then, the Silent night ‘candlelight’ time

CL 1

CL 2

CL 3

There were kids between us and I was kind of afraid if they dropped the candle 😐 fortunately it didn’t happen ^^

After that, we ate. Most of us felt relieved because we were very hungry XD


Our stomaches were very full. It’s time for games! πŸ˜€

The first game was made by my friends(who used to live near me)’s mom. So, we must make 2 lines, 5 people in each line.

The ones who stand in front got a paper that was written what they should draw. Then, after they drew for about 10 seconds, they showed the drawing to the person behind them, the 2nd person draw again, it happened until it reached the 5th person. The 5th person must guess what it was.

My team won, 3-0 ^^


The second game was made by one of the member (I don’t know him well, he’s still new with his family).

The participants must stand in a line. They were given a balloon each. They must blow the balloon, released it, and followed where it went. The first one who reached the finish line would be the winner. It was a fun game, but a lot of people cheating, by throwing the balloon ==



The third game was made by my mom.

There were 30 papers, with red and green side each. One be the red, one be the green. The red must flip the green into red as soon as possible. So must the other.

Fast hands are needed here XD

(I also won this match, against my friend)

I took the photo, so there aren’t any me (?) in the pictures :3


It was a fun experience.. Yeah, we went home with exhausted body, but we would never forget about that day πŸ™‚

How’s your ‘early’ Christmas celebration?



note: all of the pictures here were taken with Β Samsung GT-I8150 ^^ The result might be better if I used my SLR but my phone’s camera is good too :3