My Opinion about Americans

Frankly, my journey to America is different from my other journeys. Usually, the nature or the surrounding make me amazed. But, in America (California, exactly), the people astonished me.


They care to others
Where I live, if someone drop something, for example, his wallet, usually people who see it pretend not to know about it and just walk away.

In America, I’m surprised. They are nice and don’t have the ‘qualm’ to help the others, even though they didn’t know them. I saw this, one grandma was washing her hands, and suddenly her stick dropped. Other grandma (who had just come) came, and said, “Oh, let me help you,” picked that stick up (I saw she found it difficult to take that stick too). And I, who was much younger than them, stood not far from them, doing nothing but just saw them. My feet were stuck, I couldn’t move, and realize how bad I was.


They are patient
Where I live, in the queue, people seek for opportunity to ‘move faster in the line’. In the middle of the line, if there was a small gap, he/she squeezed into the line.

In America, people wait patiently in the line. If there’s quite a big gap, the people behind him/her ask, “Are you in the line?”. They have the gut to tell the wrong thing. Once, in the amusement park, I squeezed into a gap, and the person behind me ‘angry’ to me, “You were not in front of me,” and the way she looked at me made me ashamed. “Sorry,” was the only word I could think.


They are friendly
On the street, Americans say “How are you?” or “Good morning” or “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year”(it was Christmas and New Year when I went there) (and many more) to people they don’t know, even me! I’ve never got and done that before, and it was one of the most describable thing and feeling that I won’t forget.


It’s okay to be free and creative there
Have a weird style in fashion? No problem. It’s okay to dress weirdly, or do unusual thing (as long as it is appropriate).  Art is respected there. (It’s the opposite in my country, and I love art TT.TT)


They are communicative
In the plane, in my country (and my continent), the stewards and the stewardesses are verrryyyy polite to the passenger. Yeah, it’s good, but I feel that they are.. too… stiff?

But in America, in one flight I went in, (I was so surprised) the stewards were so nice and communicative to the passengers. I love it, so fun! He even gave me extra glass of ‘free sprite’ because I replied to his jokes 😀


Americans are different from what I’d imagine before. I like America, and I feel that I want to stay there forever ^^

What do you think about Americans? 😀