My Autumn Photos for 2012

Everyone talks about autumn, and it’s time to share my autumn photos~

Unfortunately my country is not a 4 seasons country, and I took these images when I was in Jiuzhai valley (China) with my parents… And…. honestly, I’m not satisfied with the photos I took, they are worse than my previous photos ;____;

These 5 photos are the best autumn photos that I can find, I hope you like them 🙂

Jofiane - autumn mountain

Jofiane - autumn leaves

Jofiane - autumn leaves 2

Jofiane - autumn tree 2

Jofiane - autumn tree


Tiring Flight – October 26th, 2012

October 26th is so tiring, only for the flight x__x

It was 4 hours flight from Surabaya to Hongkong. I watched “Madagaskar 3”, “Go, Masao!”, and listened to Super Junior “Sexy Free & Single” album

Madagaskar 3, it’s funny, I love it, and the thing I love about madagaskar series, they always teach us about how important friend is, and be together as one. Alex is so creative >///<

Go, Masao is about story between a dog and a man, the dog (Masao) is really naughty at first, but after a time, Masao really cares about Hideki (the man). It’s…. A touching story, about love. Love between a dog and his owner, love between man and woman, love between dogs, and love to others.. I almost cried when I watched this movie

I was somehow surprised when I found out that there were Korean bands & singers albums. And I enjoyed the time when I heard my favorite Korean band, Super Junior, sing 🙂

It took about 2 hours flight from Hongkong to Chengdu. I didn’t get enough sleep previously, so I slept the whole journey, I didn’t touch the food too :/

I took a shower, ate the food that my father bought outside the hotel, and slept..

To Jiuzhaigou !

I love the color of autumn leaves, so do my dad and mom, but unfortunately we don’t have autumn in our country >___

I always see the photos in photo sharing sites and blogs, they are posting awesome photos, and I’m happy to see them. In my mind, I really want to look at take photos of them!

And one day, my parents said that we are going to Jiuzhaigou, China, at the end of October! It’s one of the celebration for my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary..

OMG. I was sooo happy because it’s autumn right now

I looked for infos online, and they said that the end of October colors are the most awesome one.

But, when I looked at the Jiuzhaigou photos that were taken last week, the color had changed to yelloe and red already, even some of the leaves had gone. How shocked I was

I’m afraid if my parents and I couldn’t catch up the beautiful color, and the only thing I do now when we’re waiting for the plane is praying, praying, and praying…

Any info about Jiuzhaigou’s autumn leaves now? Can we make it? and have you ever missed something that you’ve wait for?