Ephesus Pillars

Ephesus Pillars



Taken in Turkey, at the ancient city Ephesus, which is big (I was really surprised back there). And when I walked around, I imagined about what happened in the past…


Fly Free

Fly Free


Birds flying over my head when I was in a ferry, in Turkey.

My dad was giving them hard (unopenable) pistachio nuts that my mom bought from a seller before going up to the small ferry.

Turkish Yogurt

Turkish Yogurt

It is a plate of yogurt with honey and opium seeds, a special dish from Turkey. I found it really unique, and surprisingly, it tasted good!

Taken in Tukey, 26th of December, 2013, on the way from Pamukkale to Konya

Disney California Adventure Park – Duffy photo (Part 1)

LA - disney california adventure - duffy - sailor - by jofiane

He’s so cute! x3

Disney bear “Duffy” with sailor costume
Photographed by Jofiane Tirza Koesnadi in Disney California Adventure Park,  January 1st, 2013

Fisherman’s Wharf – Pier 39

SF - fisherman's wharf - pier 39

The only photo I took outside the building there. It was raining hard, it was cold there (my fingers were freezing) and I was afraid that I would broke my camera ;___;

if you want to ask, no , I didn’t see the sea lions ;________;