130311 Flowers for Daddy

My dad’s birthday is on March 11th. Giving flowers for special occasion is my family’s new habit, and for my dad’s birthday, my mom bought him a flower arrangement

db - f1

[It’s my first time editing and posting an over edit photo :3]

The color of the flowers were pink, purple, and white. I love the white lilies the most, because they’re white (one of my fav color) and had the best smell ever 😀


Next month (April 17th) is my birthday. I hope my parents buy a huge flower arrangement for me haha XD


What do you think about the flower arrangement? What do you usually give for your precious ones?


The Number 9

Nine. Am I one of the family member of the 9 Family? (?) ==

This is.. different for me

Just imagine

My parents wedding anniversary: the 9th of September

I got baptized : the 19th of September

My grandma from father side’s birthday: the 29th of September

and the last… My mom’s birthday: the 9th of October


Wow, 9! @____@

Ah and by the way, yesterday was my mom’s birthday! :3 She’s 45yo now XD

I know it’s too late to say this now, but


Happy birthday Mommy!!

All your dreams come true, I love you! ❤




When’s your mom’s birthday? Do you have any special number, and why?

My Parents 20th Wedding Anniversary

Hi! I’m sorry for the delay in posting the photos of my journey to Canada T.T I don’t have time yet, school has been very busy! ><

I’ll tell and share some photos of what my parents and I did last September the 9th, 2012 ^^

My dad wanted to have the anniversary in the hotel, so he booked the hotel and gave surprise to my mom.

So, on Sunday, September 9th, 2012, we checked in to the one of the five stars hotel in my city. My dad booked the suite omg ><

The table - jofiane.wordpress.com

The table – jofiane.wordpress.com

The table (from the other side) - jofiane.wordpress.com

The table (from the other side) – jofiane.wordpress.com

When we came in, the ‘living room’ table greeted us~ There are bouquet, chocolate cake (well, I didn’t taste it 😛  my mom had already given it to her employees hehehe), a vase of red flower, fruits, small cookies, and chocolates.

The Cake! - jofiane.wordpress.com

The Cake! – jofiane.wordpress.com

After we put our things there, we went swimming~ 😀 We swam for about 1 hour, until the sky was dark, and then ate our dinner.

The dinner is the all you can eat one, we ate quite a lot. I took the main desserts a lot more than the main course XD The restaurant was so noisy, there were 3 people celebrating their birthday so we kept hearing the happy birthday song, sang by the hotel staffs.

When we went back again to our room, I was so sleepy. But before that, of course I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes to my pajama.

Flower - jofiane.wordpress.com

Flower inside the room – jofiane.wordpress.com

Bouquet - jofiane.wordpress.com

Bouquet – jofiane.wordpress.com



In the morning, I ordered a breakfast for one person in the room. I ate a fried rice, drank hot chocolate, milk, carrot juice and water (too bad I didn’t take a photo of it ><)

My dad and my mom, without ate anything, drove me to my school. Wah, I couldn’t stop laughing on the way to school because it’s so unusual, going to school not from home, but from hotel, hahaha 😀

The story ended here ^^

How long have your parent been married? 😛