Glow in the Dark Soap

Hi~ Sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time.. School life is ‘killing’ me slowly .__.

I want to share 2 interesting photos 🙂

It’s the “glow in the dark” soap ^^

My dad has the hobby of buying soaps from countries we’ve been to, and my dad bought this soap in Canada^^


There’s something special about this soap, it can glow in the dark!


“You will never lose your soap again” is the slogan.. I remember it because I kept reading the slogan hehe 🙂

I forgot where we bought it so anyone know and can tell me where?  Thanks  😀


Disney California Adventure Park – Duffy photo (Part 1)

LA - disney california adventure - duffy - sailor - by jofiane

He’s so cute! x3

Disney bear “Duffy” with sailor costume
Photographed by Jofiane Tirza Koesnadi in Disney California Adventure Park,  January 1st, 2013

130210 Happy Chinese New Year!

Hello ^^

Today is the New Year date for the Chinese, the Lunar New Year

I just want to say, Happy New Year to who celebrate it ^^

I wish all of your wishes come true, good health, good fortune! ^^

新年快乐,身体健康, 心想事成,恭喜发财!^^

Happy Chinese New Year! 130210 , snake year - fanart by jofiane

(This is the fanart I made ^^ If you want to see more of these, visit my other blog ^^)

A Fanart by Jofiane Tirza Koesnadi
130210 KyuMin – Year of Snake
Happy Chinese New Year!
© Jofiane Tirza Koesnadi 2013
Please take out with full credit!

Fisherman’s Wharf – Pier 39

SF - fisherman's wharf - pier 39

The only photo I took outside the building there. It was raining hard, it was cold there (my fingers were freezing) and I was afraid that I would broke my camera ;___;

if you want to ask, no , I didn’t see the sea lions ;________;