I’m Coming America!

My family and I were supposed to go last year, but unfortunately my dad’s VISA wasn’t ready at that time, so we postponed it

But, this year, I’m going to America ^^ West America, to be exact.

This is my itinerary:

First day (24th of December, 2012):
{flight} Surabaya -> Singapore -> San Fransisco

Second day (25th of December, 2012)
City tour in San Fransisco (will see the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Civic Center, Lombard Street, Twin Peaks)

Third day (26th of December, 2012)
{flight} San Fransisco -> Las Vegas
to Premium Outlet (there will be Sale after Christmas there XD)

Fourth day (27th of December, 2012)
Free day in Las Vegas. My family can choose between West Grand Canyon or O Show in Bellagio or shopping (I think we are going to choose the West Grand Canyon! ^^)

Fifth day (28th of December, 2012)
Las Vegas
to Premium Outlet Las Vegas (again? TT^TT I don’t like shopping 😦 ) and eat dinner at Pampas Brazil Restaurant

Sixth day (29th of December, 2012)
Las Vegas -> San Diego
City tour in San Diego, see the seaport village and visit the USS Midway. Eat dinner at Japanese Seafood Buffet

Seventh day (30th of December, 2012)
San Diego -> South Coast Plaza -> Anaheim
See the Old Town San Diego, Coronado Bridge, Del Hotel, and then to South Coast Plaza (shopping TT.TT)

Eight day (31st of December, 2012)

Ninth day (1st of January, 2013)
California Adventure Park

Tenth day (2nd of January, 2013)
City tour in Los Angeles (see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mann’s Chinese Theater, Kodak Theater, Staples Center, Rodeo Drive). After that, go to Universal Studio

Eleventh day (3rd of January, 2013)
{flight} Los Angeles -> Singapore

Twelve day (4th of January, 2013)
Passing the international date line (in the flight)

Thirteenth day (5th of January, 2013)
{flight} Singapore -> Surabaya
The journey is over and I must be ready for school T.T


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