Early Christmas Celebration?

My family have a Christian fellowship (it started before I was born), and it grows bigger and bigger weeks by weeks

Last 8th of December, 2012, we decided to have an ‘early’ Christmas celebration, at a comfortable restaurant


It was opened with saying hello each other, talked for a while, and we sang 5 Christmas songs..

My father gave the afterthought for about 15 minutes, then, the Silent night ‘candlelight’ time

CL 1

CL 2

CL 3

There were kids between us and I was kind of afraid if they dropped the candle 😐 fortunately it didn’t happen ^^

After that, we ate. Most of us felt relieved because we were very hungry XD


Our stomaches were very full. It’s time for games! 😀

The first game was made by my friends(who used to live near me)’s mom. So, we must make 2 lines, 5 people in each line.

The ones who stand in front got a paper that was written what they should draw. Then, after they drew for about 10 seconds, they showed the drawing to the person behind them, the 2nd person draw again, it happened until it reached the 5th person. The 5th person must guess what it was.

My team won, 3-0 ^^


The second game was made by one of the member (I don’t know him well, he’s still new with his family).

The participants must stand in a line. They were given a balloon each. They must blow the balloon, released it, and followed where it went. The first one who reached the finish line would be the winner. It was a fun game, but a lot of people cheating, by throwing the balloon ==



The third game was made by my mom.

There were 30 papers, with red and green side each. One be the red, one be the green. The red must flip the green into red as soon as possible. So must the other.

Fast hands are needed here XD

(I also won this match, against my friend)

I took the photo, so there aren’t any me (?) in the pictures :3


It was a fun experience.. Yeah, we went home with exhausted body, but we would never forget about that day 🙂

How’s your ‘early’ Christmas celebration?



note: all of the pictures here were taken with  Samsung GT-I8150 ^^ The result might be better if I used my SLR but my phone’s camera is good too :3


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