Tiring Flight – October 26th, 2012

October 26th is so tiring, only for the flight x__x

It was 4 hours flight from Surabaya to Hongkong. I watched “Madagaskar 3”, “Go, Masao!”, and listened to Super Junior “Sexy Free & Single” album

Madagaskar 3, it’s funny, I love it, and the thing I love about madagaskar series, they always teach us about how important friend is, and be together as one. Alex is so creative >///<

Go, Masao is about story between a dog and a man, the dog (Masao) is really naughty at first, but after a time, Masao really cares about Hideki (the man). It’s…. A touching story, about love. Love between a dog and his owner, love between man and woman, love between dogs, and love to others.. I almost cried when I watched this movie

I was somehow surprised when I found out that there were Korean bands & singers albums. And I enjoyed the time when I heard my favorite Korean band, Super Junior, sing 🙂

It took about 2 hours flight from Hongkong to Chengdu. I didn’t get enough sleep previously, so I slept the whole journey, I didn’t touch the food too :/

I took a shower, ate the food that my father bought outside the hotel, and slept..


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