To Jiuzhaigou !

I love the color of autumn leaves, so do my dad and mom, but unfortunately we don’t have autumn in our country >___

I always see the photos in photo sharing sites and blogs, they are posting awesome photos, and I’m happy to see them. In my mind, I really want to look at take photos of them!

And one day, my parents said that we are going to Jiuzhaigou, China, at the end of October! It’s one of the celebration for my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary..

OMG. I was sooo happy because it’s autumn right now

I looked for infos online, and they said that the end of October colors are the most awesome one.

But, when I looked at the Jiuzhaigou photos that were taken last week, the color had changed to yelloe and red already, even some of the leaves had gone. How shocked I was

I’m afraid if my parents and I couldn’t catch up the beautiful color, and the only thing I do now when we’re waiting for the plane is praying, praying, and praying…

Any info about Jiuzhaigou’s autumn leaves now? Can we make it? and have you ever missed something that you’ve wait for?


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