Peyto Lake and Bow Lake (Photos by Jofiane!)

Hello! 🙂

This is the 2nd part of my photos on August 20th, 2012 ^^ (this is the first)

I didn’t take much photo because I only had a short time to walk around and take photos >< (I joined a tour and the participants didn’t like to stay long in a place TTnTT)

Peyto Lake:

peyto lake

I think Peyto Lake’s shape is similar to a fox’s head XD

Bow Lake:

bow lake

The mirror-like lake makes it looks stunning

My mom likes the Bow lake the most, because we were very close to the lake (but very big and I couldn’t capture the whole lake), but I like Peyto lake, because its shape is unique ^^. My dad likes both hahaha XD

wild plant around bow lake

The last photo of today, the wild plants near Bow Lake!
I tried to capture the color difference of the lake but I failed (again) :/


I need a longer time to wander around and take good photos >A< Anyone wanna pay the travel agent for me? 😛 *slapped*


See you later ^^


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