To Jiuzhaigou !

I love the color of autumn leaves, so do my dad and mom, but unfortunately we don’t have autumn in our country >___

I always see the photos in photo sharing sites and blogs, they are posting awesome photos, and I’m happy to see them. In my mind, I really want to look at take photos of them!

And one day, my parents said that we are going to Jiuzhaigou, China, at the end of October! It’s one of the celebration for my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary..

OMG. I was sooo happy because it’s autumn right now

I looked for infos online, and they said that the end of October colors are the most awesome one.

But, when I looked at the Jiuzhaigou photos that were taken last week, the color had changed to yelloe and red already, even some of the leaves had gone. How shocked I was

I’m afraid if my parents and I couldn’t catch up the beautiful color, and the only thing I do now when we’re waiting for the plane is praying, praying, and praying…

Any info about Jiuzhaigou’s autumn leaves now? Can we make it? and have you ever missed something that you’ve wait for?


The Number 9

Nine. Am I one of the family member of the 9 Family? (?) ==

This is.. different for me

Just imagine

My parents wedding anniversary: the 9th of September

I got baptized : the 19th of September

My grandma from father side’s birthday: the 29th of September

and the last… My mom’s birthday: the 9th of October


Wow, 9! @____@

Ah and by the way, yesterday was my mom’s birthday! :3 She’s 45yo now XD

I know it’s too late to say this now, but


Happy birthday Mommy!!

All your dreams come true, I love you! ❤




When’s your mom’s birthday? Do you have any special number, and why?

Peyto Lake and Bow Lake (Photos by Jofiane!)

Hello! 🙂

This is the 2nd part of my photos on August 20th, 2012 ^^ (this is the first)

I didn’t take much photo because I only had a short time to walk around and take photos >< (I joined a tour and the participants didn’t like to stay long in a place TTnTT)

Peyto Lake:

peyto lake

I think Peyto Lake’s shape is similar to a fox’s head XD

Bow Lake:

bow lake

The mirror-like lake makes it looks stunning

My mom likes the Bow lake the most, because we were very close to the lake (but very big and I couldn’t capture the whole lake), but I like Peyto lake, because its shape is unique ^^. My dad likes both hahaha XD

wild plant around bow lake

The last photo of today, the wild plants near Bow Lake!
I tried to capture the color difference of the lake but I failed (again) :/


I need a longer time to wander around and take good photos >A< Anyone wanna pay the travel agent for me? 😛 *slapped*


See you later ^^