My ‘the Butchart Gardens’ Photos

Hello! How have you been? I’m sorry for the delay in posting few of my photos in Butchart Gardens.. There are too much good photos, and I must put my blog’s link on each photos.

Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

The Butchart Gardens sign -

The Butchart Gardens sign –

Over 100 years in bloom? I got shocked when I read it because I know nothing about the Butchart Gardens ><

The Butchart Gardens, Sunken Garden -

The Butchart Gardens, Sunken Garden –

This is the Sunken Garden, the first beautiful huge garden after we come in. Unfortunately, when I took this photo, someone passing by (bottom left of the photo) >< It ruined the photo DX I can’t do the editing too, so.. yah.. I left that photo like that :/

Sunken Garden -

Sunken Garden –

This is the photo I took when I walked down the path πŸ™‚

Flowers on Top of the Bin XD -

Flowers on Top of the Bin XD –

I’m not kidding, this is real. Every top of the bins there have flowers on them. Just like the main theme of this garden, flowers~!

Pretty Flower ! -

Pretty Flower ! –

Similar-to-Bells Flowers -

Similar-to-Bells Flowers –

Cute but Big Flower -

Cute but Big Flower –

Unique Flower! -

Unique Flower! –

Similar to Bells Flowers -

Similar to Bells Flowers –

Looking Spicy Flower -

Looking Spicy Flower –

Pinky Flower -

Pinky Flower –

Some flowers photos I took there πŸ™‚

Flower and Bee -

Flower and Bee –

It’s very hard to take this photo >< My lens is 18-55mm, and I don’t use and don’t have tripod. I tried to get close as possible to the bee, shot once, and, it flew. Fyuhh.. Good thing that I can take this photo just the same as the one in my mind :3

Rose in Rose Garden -

Rose in Rose Garden –

I didn’t take much photo in the rose garden T.T I regret about it now πŸ˜₯

Trees at Japanese Garden -

Trees at Japanese Garden –

Japanese Garden's Pond -

Japanese Garden’s Pond –

It was almost green everywhere in Japanese garden

Italian Garden -

Italian Garden –

Do you see the pond? It shaped cross.Β Also didn’t take much photo here because I was too excited with the ice cream ><

Those are my photos in the Butchart Gardens, Canada~ What do you think about the gardens, and my photos? ^^ Really appreciate your comment! πŸ˜€


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