Day 4, August 20, 2012 (Columbia icefield & Banff)

D4 (August 20, 2012)
Revelstoke -> Columbia Ice Field -> Banff

Another long journey in the bus again 😦 but, I didn’t feel it’s boring at all. Why? Because.. On the way to Columbia ice field, the scenery was beautiful! I totally love it~

In my bus, people who like photography (about 5 people including me) stayed on the back of the bus, and jumping right and left to take photo. When I remember about it again, it was funny.

Thr closer we’re to the glacier, the less trees there are, and the bluer the river and the lakes are.

When we arrived aat the place where the Columbia icefield’s buses are, we bought some things in the souvenir shops, then, we went aboard. After a few minutes, we changed the bus to a big bus with big wheels (I think its wheels diameter is about 160cm, wow)

The glacier at the top of the mountain is good. No comment. We went back to the our bus using the same transportation.

Then, we went to Peyto lake. It was very pretty *O* After that, we went to Bow lake, wide and pretty 😀

Finally, we arrived in the Banff city. The city was unique. I can’t explain it with words.

There are 2 groups from the same tour of mine. My group is the A group. So, we arrived at the restaurant faster than the group B.
We were very hungry, so we asked the restaurant to make our food first. They refused, and told us that they would serve them if the other group come. Whaatt? We waited for 2 hours with hungry stomach! The group B came with innocent face, oh my :/ And.. The one that makes me angry, the food came out together! It’s not fair for our group tour 😦 and how bad the restaurant’s management was.

We finished our late supper at 10pm, and almost all of the shops were closed already. Aarrgghh ;(

Ps: I think I haven’t mention this, I’ll put my photos in my blog later when I’ve came back to my country


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