D3 (August 19th, 2012) – Vancouver to Kamloops to Revelstoke

D3 (August 19th, 2012)
Vancouver -> Kamloops -> Revelstoke

A full day sitting in the bus. Okay, I’m not serious :p how can I stand sitting in a bus all day? So, we had a long journey, but, we have some stops (+ toilet stop :p)

The first one, we visited Hope Memorial Park. I found some men were carving the wood and made the wood into beautiful carved-wood statue. My tour leader said that this is happened once a year. At the other side, there were lots of dogs, but I don’t know what’s happening tthere. It might be a competition?

Then, we arrived in Kamloops. It’s a beautiful city. We ate at a Chinese restaurant there and after that went to visit ginseng shop. I just knew that there are ginseng in Canada too :O The person said that the North America’s ginseng is colder than Asian’s, it makes us healthier and can be consumed as much as you can.

After that, we went to Last Spike, where the last spike of the East-to-West Canada train is. Well, I didn’t see the end of it x.x

We went pass the 3 Valley Lake Chateau. I hope I can go in >

We did nothing in Revelstoke, only for sleeping. When we was there, my tour leader kept reminding us that there are still lots of bears in thr forest in front of the hotel we stay and gave us advice if we want to go outside it’s better to go with 6 people.

There’s a wifi in the hotel so we stayed in the hotel for the whole night. We got suite room so we also cooked the instant noodle we brought xD

The scenery from Vancouver to Revelstoke (and the hotel view) is pretty so make sure that your camera is always ready 😀


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