Day 2, City tour in Victoria, Canada (August 18th, 2012)

D2 (August 18th, 2012)
City tour in Victoria

I couldn’t sleep. Yah, I think it’s because of the time difference (GMT-7 here, GMT+7 for my city). I woke up at 4pm (local time) :p

My family and the tour group gathered in the bus at 7.45am and went to the Tsawwassen terminal from our hotel. We took about half hours to get there.

We arrived at the terminal earlier, so we went to the place emmmm.. Sorry I don’t know the name x.x and there are small food shops, coffee shops, and souvenir shops. We went around and bought some British Columbia souvenirs xD

Then, we went inside the ferry. The buses and the cars were in deck 1 if I’m not mistaken. We sat in deck 5. My mom sat there for the whole journey. At 9.45, my dad and I for few long minutes came to the upper deck (the one that opened) and took photos. The scenery was pretty those time 😀 (previously it was just.. Plain). There’s a wifi hotspot in the ferry so after I felt my hands freezing I used the wifi. Unfortunately, after few minutes pass, I could’t use it for both my handphones T.T

After a quite boring time, 15 minutes before the parking gate opened, we went to the bus.
We arrived in Swartz Bay terminal in Victoria! 😀

We went around Victoria, just looked Beacon Hill Park (and took a photo of a peacock), visited the Mile 0 (Mile zero), Parlement building, took a photo of the Empress (it’s an old hotel that have plants on the walls).

After that, we visited the Butchart Garden 😀 it’s a garden with beautifull arrangement of flowers and trees.

There are 5 main gardens. They are:
1. Sunken garden
The most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen! Pretty flowers there! There are also Ross fountain (like a dancing fountain) and Bog garden (I’m sorry I don’t know which one is this garden but I’m quite sure I’ve seen it)
2. Rose Garden
Various beautiful and smell-nice roses 😀 I smelled few of them hahaha xD my dad took a photo of my mom and I were smelling the white roses xDDD
3. Japanese garden
Well, it was green there, lots of trees. There are also some small ponds. To be honest I like the other gardens better.
4. Italian garden
There are flowers again here 😀 and a cross-shaped pond in the middle. It isn’t big so we spent time there not as long as in other gardens. I bought ice cream there xD (seasonal). Yumm
5. Mediterranean garden
I didn’t go there!! 😦 I don’t have enough time. The tour just gave us a very short time in the beautiful Butchart Garden, 1.5 hours 😦 I need more time! T.T in the guide, it’s written that the mediterranean garden features many drought resistant plants from various areas of the world that share similar growing conditions to Canada’s
In my opinion, Sunken garden is the best one because there are lots of flowers there. Butchart garden is one of the must-visit place in Canada!


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