Arrived in Vancouver ~ D1, August 17, 2012 (Part 2)

D1 (17th of August, 2012)
Surabaya -> Jakarta -> Taipei -> Vancouver

From Surabaya, my parents and I took an 1 hour flight to Jakarta. The plane delayed. The luggage came out very late (my family and I must waited for about 30 minutes, ughh). After that, we came to see the Jakarta’s tour leader, Hero, to put our luggages (I join Jakarta’s group tour and travel). We had our lunch there too.
We flew with China airline from Jakarta to Taipei first. It was A330-300 plane. It wasn’t stable on the air but I love the landing hehehe. We spent the time in plane for about 6 hours. While I was aboard, I watched the Hunger Games movie. After that, I slept (well, I couldn’t sleep, only half assleep xD)
We waited in Taipei international airport for few hours. We ate (but I don’t like the food there x.x). I feel unwell now so I can’t enjoy my time 😦
My flight from Taipei took for about 11 hours (the plane was A340-300). My parents and I sat in the business class~ it was upgraded, because the plane was very full. In the plane, I just fell asleep, only woke up for eating the late supper (I couldn’t eat the supper x.x I just ate the bread) and for eating the breakfast (porridge). Oh, it was very cold inside 😡
Something that I thought unique, 30 minutes before landing, the sun shone brightly outside. 5-25 minutes before landing, it was sunset. When landing, it was 8pm but it was still bright! :O (it’s similar to 5pm in Surabaya, Indonesia).
9pm local time here, the group tour went to the Chinese restaurant.
10.30pm, we checked in in a hotel near the airport.


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