The Celebration of Indonesian Independence Day in My School

August 17 actually is Indonesian Independence Day.

Usually, I must go to school and have the ceremony. But, this time, I won’t need to~! *happy* Only the representative of the class (the ‘head’, the ‘vice head’, the secretary, and the treasurer of my class and other classes in my school) come to school and will have the ceremony XD

But, it doesn’t mean that we don’t celebrate it. We celebrate it. We must do it. It’s our form of pride of our country.

So, yesterday (August 11, 2012), my school held an Indonesian Independence Day celebration. To be honest, it wasn’t fun at all!

For the first thing to do, we (all of the students) did the morning were… morning aerobic. The 7th and the 8th grader of my school did it, but the 9th grader (including me) just did half of it XD

After that, there were 4 kinds of contests: poetry reading contest, speech contest, traditional dance contest, presentation of food contest, and vocal group contest. I didn’t join any of them, and my class joined the vocal group contest. There was a thing that I regret about my class. My class has lots of talented students, in every ‘sector’, such as smart students, creative students, good in music students, good in comedy, etc. There must be 5 people in the vocal group. 2 of my friends very well in guitar and 3 of my friends sing. 2 of my friends who sing are well in singing, but, the other one, I must said that she’s bad in singing, at all! (it’s the girl in my 27th of July 2012 post). And, she brought the mic alone! (my other 2 good-voiced friend used 1 mic only). OMG! Her voice was a false. Because she brought the mic, it ruined the whole performance, even the peak of the songs too!  And, the vocal group ended up lose. The opponent group was more awesome.

Until now, I keep wondering, why didn’t they choose me, who’s better?

If… If they choose me, my class might be win because I can sing in second and third voice, also, my voice is above the average..

I won’t type about the other activities there because there weren’t any fun things to tell 😛


When’s the independence day in your country? And how’s the usual celebration at your school / your surroundings? Have you ever feel like what I feel?


p.s: I’m sorry if you, the girl, or the girl’s friend, read this. This is what I feel deep inside my heart. Don’t hate me and don’t ask your friends to confront me, please.


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