July 21st & July 22nd – Time with my mom’s friend & Sunday time

July 21st, 2012

I woke up quite morning, 7AM (it was holiday)

My mom said that I would have a piano lesson at 8.30AM in exchange of the Thursday’s. At 8, my piano teacher texted me and said that we better took the lesson at 8.30. I agreed. But, at 8.30, she said sorry, because we can’t have the lessin that day. She had an urgent thing related to her family. So, I didn’t have the lesson on Saturday..

At 11.30, like usual, I had a math/physics lesson. We used half of the time to do the math and the other half for physics. In the middle of the lesson, my teacher asked where my family and I would go for the next holiday. I just laughed. When the lesson ended, my mom said that I shouldn’t laugh, but told her where we would go, because not telling her is somehow arrogant (she said this) uhh 😦 I keep remember it, eventhough I.really want to forget it. The more we want to forget thing, the more we remember about it..

I took a nap in the afternoon.

I’m happy for the 3PM, because at that time, my mom and I went to my mom’s friend (to make it short I’ll give her name Y) new house! 😀 She has a daughter which is much younger than me who always use English -English is their first language, I think-

Too bad, when I arrived there, we aren’t alone. My mom’s friend’s friend (to make it short I’ll give my mom’s friend’s friend name X) and X’s family were there! Y’s daughter focused to X’s son more than me 😦

After a verrryyy long time, about 3 hours, finally X’s family went somewhere.

Yay, finally TTuTT

I can’t enjoy the time at Y’s house because Y and her family member decided to go eat outside with my mom and I. So, we went to a place which has restaurants inside, named Loop.

We came in to a steak house. I ordered Heavy meal steak with melted cheese and yoghurt as my drink. Yum..

Because I was so hungry, I ate it fast hehehe

The older people chatted in the restaurant when we’ve finished our dinner. Y’s daughter, H, her “babysitter” and I decided to go around the place. We walked, H kept talking in English yeah and of course I replied, even sometimes I just mumbled XD

When we went back to the restaurants, seems like the older people already finished their chat. I thought we’ll go back to Y’s house, but I was wrong! They decided to buy “es puter”

The seller put the “es puter” inside a half of coconut shell. It’s cute, really like it, and it’s delicious 😀 We drank free coconut water too~ Ahh.. love it.

I thought that we would come back to Y’s house after eating “es puter”, but I was wrong (again) DX They kept talking. H and I were jumping here and there and spent our time doing that hahaha

At 9.30PM, they finally finished talking. Fyuhh.. We went back to Y’s house, but it’s too late to go in so we decided to go home. H kept begging my mom to stay there, H wanted us to stay for 60 minutes. My mom said no. She reduced the time into 30 minutes, my mom said sorry, no, and the her last effort, “Only 1 minutes, please?” Of course my mom refused, because it already too late. In heavy-hearted way, she went outside our car.


July 22nd, 2012

It was Sunday, and I’ll tell you my story after the church.

My mom wanted to buy T-shirts for our next holiday (She has only few T-shirt for going overseas now). But before that, of course we must take our lunch. We ate at a restaurant that my grandparents like. I don’t like it at all.

Then, we went to the Atom mall. It was so hard to search for parking lot there, so my dad decided to take the VIP parking lot and paid more expensive.

We went around the Atom mall, but there weren’t good T-shirt enough. My mom bought 2 shorts there. We decided to go to the old Atom, at 5PM, it almost close. My mom found a nice shop, the owner was also nice (we like him), and my mom bought 2 T-shirts, finally.

We went to other mall after the Atom closed. My mom bought a pair of new shoes, for aerobic and for our next holiday. I asked dad to buy it too but he refused. My mom’s shoes were expensive >.< It’s a huge brand of international shoes 😡

After that, we ate at foodcourt. Usually my dad doesn’t want to eat there but it’s unusual that dad brought my mom and I there :O

I spent the night at home

What do you usually do if you go to someone’s house and they have a guess?

I know my last questions aren’t related to my post, but the London 2012 is in 2 days again! *O* What do you do for it? Will you watch live? 😀 and … What sport do you like the most? ^^


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