July 18th – 20th, 2012 , and something that shouldn’t happened

July 18th, 2012

It’s school day, and I think I don’t need to say much about this

The 1st and 2nd lesson are math. I can do the question, but I did a mistake and my friend repaired it for me xD

The 3rd and the 4th lesson are civic, about the country. I like the teacher. She explaines everything clearly.

The 5th and the 6th are biology. We wrote the things related to human’s body :p

Actually, the real schedule of the 7th and the 8th lesson is electronics, but I don’t know why, the teacher changed it into biology and physics, so we had 40 minutes x 3 for biology! We were very bored..

We only wrote the physic formula for the 8th lesson.

July 19th, 2012

Study at home (My school never say holiday. It replace it with study at home)

I started to online at 9PM. About 10PM, my mom went with my grandma to physiotherapist because my grandma’s legs are round-shaped (because she fell down).

I onlineeedd, until the afternoon, my mom called me, “Stop! Turn off the laptop and go to sleep”

I answered, “Yes Mom”

But… I didn’t stop. I kept online.

About 2PM, my mom called again, “Have you eaten your lunch?”

I pretended I’ve slept so mom didn’t know I was online, “I haven’t, mom”

“Hurry eat your lunch!”

I ate my lunch, and kept online. I onlined until 4PM and decided to take a nap, turned on my alarm at 4.45PM, because I have a piano lesson at 5PM

My mom called, I looked at the clock, 5.45PM. Oh no. She was angry to me, because she had been outside for 1.5 hours (She rang the bell, she called me hundreds time, my dad also called me, my mom jumped over the fence and banged the door until the neighbors and the security came around my house), and my piano teacher already came back to her home. Oh nooooooooo DX

She’s angry, of course, and she should pay because my teacher was coming 😦 (My piano lesson fee is very expensive)

I wish I sleep earlier so this will never happened T.T

July 21st, 2012

It’s still holiday today

In the morning, I practiced violin.

Remember the family reunion I had last holiday? My uncle asked for the photos in my camera. My oldest cousin is in Surabaya now, and he want to bring the CD contains my photos. So, I burned the photos to 2 disc. I failed for the first disc (don’t know why), but I did well for the 2nd disc. It’s my first time doing this and I wonder why it took a long of time to burn 700mb photos :/ I brought the 2 CDs and my memory card so I think I’ll burn it again using my cousins’ laptop.

Then, I went to chiropractic. There weren’t anybody there, which is unusual. So my mom and I did some exercises and got our spine adjusted.

After the chiropractic, I had a violin lesson. The teacher was late for 1 hour x_x We practiced the song for the competition next month (please wish me luck >w<). Ah, I still did many mistakes 😦

I had my violin lesson at my cousin’s house and my cousins hadn’t come before the lesson, so I met my oldest cousin’s little sister (my 2nd oldest cousin and the only girl cousin I have :D) after the violin lesson. I decided not to give her my CD but copied and pasted all the reunion photos in my camera’s memory card.

I watched my favorite KPOP music program at home at 5PM, played my phone, and at 7PM, I had a Chinese lesson.

I wrote this post when my mom is watching the television and I have a task to search for the Canada’s temperature for our next holiday ¯ I’ll tell my travelling stories here too 😀 Please wait for August~~ 😀

What’s your “something that shouldn’t happened” story? And where will you go for the next holiday? 😛


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