Monday and Tuesday – July 16th and 17th

I’ve read lots of postings in blogs and I think my post titles aren’t interesting at all XD I don’t have any idea about what should I use for my title, and when I reread my contents, “Awhh,,, it’s very awful XD” I’ll try to repair it. I’m a beginner in writing essay (?) in English so I’m sorry about my mistakes :/

July 16th, 2012

Homeroom teacher’s time for the first subject on Monday~! Well she didn’t say much and nothing interesting happened…

English is the 2nd and the 3rd subject.  Previously I was excited to see my new English teacher. But… I was disappointed. I think the previous English teacher for 9th grader is much better than the now teacher ;___; The previous teacher (who taught me and few of my friends when we wanted to go to the English competition last year) moved to the high school  >A< She’s better, I like her, she has a rich English dictionary, and I like her pronunciation too 😦 I don’t know who will teach my friend and I for the next competition, will it be her, or the English Conversation teacher? I want the previous teacher back TT^TT My school use a new English books (that are far better than the last year and last 2 years’ books). There are 4 welcome sections there, and she talked about the 1st and the 2nd sections (which I already mastered >.<)

It’s quite hard to explain my 4th subject. Err.. It’s called guidance counseling. It’s related to psychology, I think. I’m not sure, but there isn’t any test for this subject (that makes me happy) 😀

For the 5th and the 6th lesson, I have the physics. The teacher talked about atom and the objects with electricity. My close friends and I talked about the teacher. The teacher never brings the physic book, notes, and other stationary. At first, we thought that he didn’t bring anything, but actually he ONLY brought a piece of paper. Oh my.. We joked and discussed why did he only bring a piece of paper, and our conclusion, maybe he’s just too smart 😛

The last lessons, the 7th and the 8th lesson are Math. He talked about unvarying shapes and how to count the sides. I can do it because I’ve studied about it with my new math teacher (last Saturday), and I (and my 2 friends) did the question my teacher asked correctly (and got extra mark of math :D) Yay ^^

In the evening, I talked to my friend via facebook about a game. It’s a game that I usually play offline using my Android. I just knew yesterday that I can play it using computer online and offline! XD (Thanks to my friend). But I can’t play it using the computer, to be honest. I like using my Android phone for playing games than using laptop XD It called osu! (And osu!droid for Android user) Maybe you should try it too :3


July 17th, 2012

The teacher of Bahasa Indonesia is very fun 😀 (But my friend thought that he isn’t, at all XD) He taught for the 1st and 2nd lesson.

The 3rd class is English Conversation 😀 We did a fun activity. First, we took a paper. Second, wrote our name using big size font in the middle. Third, wrote 4 things about me, it can be everything, hobbies, where to go, etc. Forth, we hang the paper using our first button of the uniform. Fifth, we interviewed 3 of our friends based on the 4 things that they had written in their papers. Fun, isn’t it? XD I like it very much, but my friend asked me to ask and answer the questions in Indonesian (but I didn’t want~! I used English until the end of the class)

The 4th lesson is Javanese. The teacher didn’t give us lesson, but she talked about how short our study time in 9th grade, how to count the marks so that we can go to the 10th grade, etc. She made few of students scary.

The 5th lesson is Economy. The teacher talked about how to pay in the past, and so on. It isn’t interesting at all DX

The 6th and the 7th lesson is English. To be honest I haven’t enjoy the English lesson at school 😦 She talked about the 3rd and the 4th welcome section. But, fortunately, she asked us to play a game. It’s not a fun game, but yeah, better there than there aren’t any. So, we must remember our number, and the conversation started like this

A: I lost my hat. Did you steal it?

B: Who! Me?

A: Yes, you!

B: Couldn’t be!

A: Then who?

B: It’s number …….

Yeah, the game isn’t fun because the number who called must do this conversation again and again. Few of my friends did a great gesture and expression, but just some…

In the evening there was a fellowship in my house. One of my mom’s friend’s daughter came. To be honest, I don’t like her. She’s too childish. Unfortunately, my 2 friends didn’t come so there were just 2 of us in my room. We were awkward, but after I mentioned KPOP she asked all of the KPOP songs and music video that I have (That’s one of why I don’t like her). But yah, that’s happen :/ Not a good story to talk about ==

What do you usually do when someone you don’t like go to your house? 😛


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