Story of My July 14th and 15th, 2012

July 14th, 2012

Do you come to school on Saturday? Unfortunately I do 😦

There isn’t any lesson for Saturday, only a “Character Building”. We usually hear the lecture by the teacher, after that watch movie, and my school day on Saturday always boring =3=

There’s something different from the usual Saturday and last Saturday. Why? Because there wasn’t any Character Building, but there was an opening of the new school years worship.

For the 9th grader from my school, we had the worship at school’s hall at fourth floor.

My 3 best friends and I sat behind, but then my homeroom teacher asked us to sit in our class group (means that I was separated from them ><)

The hall was already full, and only one seat left in my group, in front, beside a boy. Oh >A< I hope I go there faster so I could sit beside my best friend from my class 😦

The worship was good, except the time when students talked when the preacher was talking. I don’t like it

We went home earlier than usual Saturday. We’re happy. When I was at home, I spent my time reading novel that I have

At 11.30, my new math, physic, and chemistry teacher came. She’s my previous teacher’s older sister. I enjoy studying with her.

After finished my lesson at 1PM, I was using the internet. I used it until night, and my mom was angry about it (actually my mom allows me to use the internet only for 1 hour but I often disobey her :P)

I decided to sleep when my dad came and I avoided more speech from my mom xP


July 15th, 2012

It’s Sunday and my family and I must go to the church 🙂 There isn’t any special thing here so I just skip this 😀

Then, my dad had his hair colored at my mom’s friend’s salon.

After that, we went to the mall, to tighten my glasses, cleaned my, my dad’s, and my mom’s glasses (Glasses family DX previously I didn’t wear it but I wear it now 😦 ) and bought the oil for avoiding mosquitoes’ bites.

The quite ‘unusual thing’ (?) started in the evening. I went to the hospital to visit my mom’s uncle. When my parents and I was at the parking lot, we saw loooooooooootttttttttsssssss of birds were hanging at trees. We amazed at how much the birds were. It was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera with me and my phone’s camera can’t zoom 😦

My dad and mom were talking with my mom’s uncle and his wife, my mom’s cousins, and I only stay quiet in one edge. I felt weird there ><

Few of my aunts talked with me about my school, and talked about school (Oh, school! DX) But that topic ended fast.

We stayed there for about… 1 hour? :O Wew

We walked to the parking lot together with my mom’s cousin and his wife.

On the way there, my mom said that he looked similar to his father. He laughed hard and he said that lots of people said that too. So, one day, when he went to his father’s place of birth, there was a man at the same age at his father’s, shouted to him, “Hey! Why don’t you greet me, (his father’s name)?” He said he was confused at first and then he laughed and answered, “No, I’m his son”

It’s funny to be called as your father’s name, even you look a lot younger than you father :p

After telling that story, my dad told him that he should sing “Be-Bop-A-Lula” and “Oh Carol” (2 songs that usually his dad sing in family events). He answered, “Later” with a big smile

We laughed. Oh! When’s the last time we heard his songs? I like his voice and I miss his voice, hahahaha XD


Have you ever being mistaken by anyone else? I didn’t (haven’t XD) Tell me your story below 😉


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