My 1st and 2nd Day of School – July 12th and July 13th

School started on July 12th, 2012! So, yesterday was my 1st day at school 😀

Starting from yesterday, I also must go back to my daily routines, and the one that I dislike the most, is that I must get up at 4.30AM! >.< It’s still dark outside when I wake up :/

I prepare for myself, and the ‘antar jemput’ car (a car that contains students from the same school as mine, and pay for the car and the driver monthly) arrives in front of my house at 5.30AM (The sky is usually dark blue). I’m the 2nd people who come in. After that, the car go to other houses and pick up the other students too. We usually arrive at my school at 6.20AM.

Starting here, I’ll tell my story of my 1st and 2nd day of school


Thursday, July 12th, 2012

I’m officially a 9th grader now ^^

I came in to the 9-1 class. Because I didn’t go to the class on July 7th, I didn’t know where I should sit. I texted my friend, the only friend I know in the same class I’m in, and asked her to come faster. She replied my text where I should sit, but I didn’t understand what she meant so I asked the students in my class that I didn’t know, where the empty seats are, and decided to sit in front of my new friend, Grc.

The bell was ringing, and few minutes after that, my friend finally came. She searched for the left chair and table, but no table left! I shared half of my chair for her for sit for a while. Aihhh ==” It’s somehow funny when I remember about it now.

Someone brought the table and the chair for my friend after few minutes. She sit beside me 🙂

For Thursday, the first lesson is History. Yeah, history. Not a good lesson for the first lesson of the 9th grade.. 😦 My history teacher talked to us about how being a good 9th grader students, reminded us of how short the study time in grade 9 will be, and he explained a little about the history. We also must form a group for doing the history TASK.

The second lesson is Art. Art should be fun, the teacher talked about colors, and we must form another group for searching art with colorful colors, and we must not search for it from the internet, because from the internet we just need to copy paste it (she said) >A<

The third and the forth lesson is physical education (PE). My homeroom teacher is my PE teacher. She explained the theory about sport. I’m sad because we didn’t go outside and do the sport, but that’s okay I think, we will have the real sport next week ^^

The fifth lesson is the Biology. My biology teacher is the same with my 8th grade biology teacher 😀 Well, we only read the biology book, but not long after we start reading, the bell rang, means the sixth lesson started

The sixth lesson is Physic. My physic teacher talked about this and that, but I didn’t pay attention to him, because the way he talked about it to us was very boring. My eyes kept shutting.. And my friends’ too. Almost all of my classmates were sleepy, I think.

The seventh and the eighth lesson is Indonesian. Fortunately, my Indonesian teacher is quite funny. But the sleepiness still stayed..

Honestly speaking, my first day of school was very boring 😦 My eyes kept shutting and I feel that the time went very slow >A<


July 13th, 2012

For Friday, the first and the second lesson is Christian Religion. The teacher was my homeroom teacher when I was in 8th grade. My religion teacher is funny, but I don’t know why but today I don’t feel like enjoying his jokes.

The third lesson is Mathematics. For about 20 minutes my mathematics teacher talked about how we should behave and how short the study time will be (almost the same with the one my history teacher talked about). For another 20 minutes he talked about mathematics. Talking about mathematics makes me remember to one of my snail mail pen pal wrote on her last letter. She thought it’s better to write a letter to me than to study for the math test. Wew…

The fourth and the fifth lesson is Geography. Very boring, of course 😦 I kept yawning.

The sixth lesson is Music. There was something weird with my music teacher. She used the different voice from the one she usually uses. And she’s more feminine? She’s different from usual! My friends and I wonder, what happened to her. Is it because she used the skirt? I don’t know. She’s different.

The seventh and the eighth lesson is Computer. Fortunately, I get the teacher from my 8th grade, she’s very nice. But, we must form a group to make things again >A< So many groups! @.@ For the eighth lesson we go to the computer laboratory. There aren’t any games again there, the teacher already erased all of the games 😦 I actually have games in my USB, but I’m afraid if I use that USB in my school’s computer, my USB will contain virus.. I hope the other student install the games in the computer..

My second day of school also boring, but not as boring as my first day. I hope for Monday and another days it will be fun 🙂


My school style is probably different for few countries. The students stay in a class, and the teachers go around. I wish I have the school that must go to another class every change of the lesson 😦


What school style do/did you have? Was your first and second day of school really fun, or boring?


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