Short Story of My 9th, 10th, and my 11th July

July 9th, 2012

My cousins stayed at my 2nd uncle’s house. But, my mom insisted to go to my grandparents’ house first, of course because she want to see her sister.

We were there for about 3 hours (it means 3 hours alone!) and finally my aunt said that we should go to my 2nd uncle’s house (finally! >.<)

At my uncle’s house, my cousins were practicing music for the night. Few of them also played the computer, online games.

They decided, I would be the violist, my biggest cousin and his sister would be the pianist, 1 of my cousin from Jakarta who masters guitar would be the guitarist, his brother would be the one who plays recorder, my tallest cousin also from Jakarta will be the drummer, his brother would sing, and 1 left, my cousin who born on the same year as me but he’s 1 grade below me, would play bass. The thing that I don’t like about him, he acted like he already mastering the guitar (and the bass), but he actually doesn’t [his character is just like his father’s, oh my]! I play much better than him ==

In the evening, we ate again, at the same restaurant in June 4th :/ We also performed and received standing applause :3

July 10th, 2012

I didn’t meet my cousins until night :(. I stayed at my grandparents’ house. I wanted to go to my 2nd uncle’s house, but my mom didn’t want to.

I stayed there all night. My cousins said that they would come back to my grandparents’ house at night but they didn’t 😦

July 11th, 2012

My cousins came back to Jakarta today. I didn’t meet them, so July 9th was the last time I meet them in this holiday 😦 Bye bye cousins, and uncles and aunts. I hope we’ll meet again next year…

It’s the time to end this holiday series.. Starting tomorrow, I’ll start with my school stories, because holiday ends today, and school starts tomorrow ^^ I just hope for the 9th grade I’ll have a great time with everyone 🙂


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