Story of my July 7th and July 8th, 2012

July 7th, 2012

It’s July the 7th, and I must go to school (first day of school after the holiday!), but… I didn’t. Hehehehe. I think it’s.. not worth, compare to things I must do, for example, wake up in the morning 4.30AM. In the afternoon I asked my friend who came in, “What’re the activities in school today?” She replied, “Only looking at the class, wrote the lesson schedule and the teachers”. Then I asked her for the lesson schedule and she gave me without asking more 😀

I had a Chinese lesson near my home at the time when school ended.

After my Chinese lesson, as usual, I went to my grandparents’ house! 😀 But, unfortunately, my cousins weren’t there DX there were only my grandparents and my aunt.. 😦 I waited there, ate some things, played my phone, read book (but failed – I can’t concentrate ==)

Few hours passed (it feels like thousands of years), finally my cousins came. They were dropped by my biggest cousin, but then my biggest cousin went to meet his friends. Suddenly my grandparents’ house became very noisy. I was happy. We talked again, and, my cousins became radio announcers again! Well, there wasn’t any funny story again, my cousin refused to make another one and he ignored me when I was mentioning the funny story :/ The radio talked about girlfriends and boyfriends, soccer, with songs as the background sound. But there actually not consistent. The topic changed every 5 minutes 😛

The radio finished because my cousins received a phone call from my cousin (my 2nd uncle’s daughter). She asked my cousins to go to her house (again). So my cousins prepared for themselves, by taking a shower (me too XD)

I don’t know what happened, but my cousin (the one from Jakarta) angry to her mom because of money. Yeah, money. They argued, my cousin said that he needs more money etc, I didn’t pay attention to it because it’s a common thing. His mom gave him money, he accepted it at first, but after that he refused to take it. My grandma asked him to take the money again, and yah, he brought the money.

After that ‘medium-size-fight’, my cousins went to my 2nd uncle’s house. I stayed at my grandparents’ house, alone again DX

I thought I would spent the rest of the day there, alone in my grandparents’ house, but fortunately, my grandpa wanted to spend time with my cousins, so we went to my 2nd uncle’s house! XD My grandpa bought 70 satays too.

When we arrived at my 2nd uncle’s house, there weren’t anyone there. They went outside to eat in the restaurant. My grandparents, my aunt, my mom and I waited, prepared the satay, ate the satay. About 1 hour later, they finally came, also brought food, such as ‘terang bulan’and ‘martabak’. Yum! They also ate the satay, and opened the television. There were our favorite TV program, Indonesian idol. We ate and we watched 😀

It’s so late, the Indonesian idol hadn’t finished but we must go back. My cousins slept in my 2nd uncle for the day. My grandparents and my aunt were dropped at my grandparents’ house, and my mom and I went home..


July 8th, 2012

I didn’t meet my cousins on Sunday.

I went to church. During the devotion (? I’m sorry I don’t know what’s the English but in my language it’s called ‘kebaktian’), I received a phone call from my cousin. I forgot to turn my phone off so it was ringing loud. Ohhh >////<

After the devotion, my mom checked her phone. There were phone calls and text messages. Ah, the reason my cousin called me because my cousins and my 2nd uncle family wanted us to join their lunch together, but we refused.

My dad, mom, and I had soto as our lunch. I really love soto 😀 After that we went home.

I spent the time at home browsing the internet. At 8PM, my mom wanted me to change my clothes.

For dinner, we ate outside 😀 We went to one of the Korean restaurant in my city. We took a package for 4 people. We ate, and we were very full. Like the usual thing in Korean restaurant, before our main menu arrived, usually there were foods in small plates, for the appetizers maybe. And then, the main menu arrived. There were capjay (it’s a Korean noodle, I love it), and 4 plates of raw meat. The waitress (?) grilled them for us. Imagine, we’re only 3 but we took 4 person package. Imagine how full we were! XD

We brought the half capjay and a small plate of cooked meat home.

For the desserts, we had ice coffee (for my dad, it’s  bitter for me), warm cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, and read beans ice cream. I love the vanilla ice cream the most 😀

The smell of the smoke of the grilled meat stayed on my hair, going to wash it this morning 😛

What’s your favorite TV program? Are there any of Korean restaurant in your city? What’s your favorite food there?


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