Eat Again, Very Full

July 3rd, 2012

Remember the 1 car that went to Malang previously? There aren’t any news until evening about them 2 days ago. My mom and I also didn’t go to my grandparents house because my mom was busy. Well, I’ll make it short, because I don’t know what’s happening there, and my life was at usual 😛


July 4th, 2012

I woke up late. So, in the afternoon, my mom and I went to the Chiropractic. There’s a new doctor there, from Jakarta (the old doctor passed away 😦 ) . He explained a lot about my mom’s scoliosis, with more details, not like the previous doctor. Then, he asked about my x-ray. I never done x-ray so I said I didn’t have it. He asked me to take an x-ray. Okay. And one more, the previous doctor said that swimming is good for healing the chiropractic. The new doctor said that swimming for chiropractic isn’t good and he suggested to walk in the water and do some exercises that he told my mom & I. Confusing, but I must do it. Maybe this doctor is more modern than the previous one..

When we had our ‘spinal adjustment’ done, my mom got a text from her little sister (my aunt) that her little sister’s husband already in the plane. Bye uncle :/ See you later…

After went to chiropractic, I went to my grandparent’s house, There were only my aunt (my mom little sister) and my grandma. We waited for a while, and my 3rd uncle with their family came from looking around Surabaya. My cousins brought 3 pizzas. Yumm… Not long after that, my grandpa with my other 2 cousins came. I asked to one of them how was his phone (that went into the swimming pool few days ago), he said his phone was okay, and he can use it now. Yay! Do you know how did he repair his phone? By putting it inside the rice (not the cooked one!) for 2 days (the recommended one is 3 days, but my cousin can’t stand without phone for a long time so he want to use it as fast as possible).

We stayed on my grandparents’ house for about 1 hour and after that we must prepare ourselves for going outside again, EAT. Oh my, too much eat DX

We ate at a Chinese restaurant that we like. My 2nd uncle ordered a lot >< All of us (including my cousins who eat much) felt full. We ate asparagus soup, white rice, fried pigeon, pochai (vegetable), fried noodle, boiled fish, prawn with mayonnaise. Very full. My youngest cousin (sorry) puke, but he didn’t admit it ==

After we finished our dinner, even our stomach were full, 5 of my cousins still wanted to buy ‘es campur’ and ‘es kacang hijau’. Only few of us went home.

My mom dropped my grandparents and one of my cousin at my grandparents’ house. My day finished XD


What did you eat for the big dinner with your big family? Were you very full too?


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