Unique Way of Washing My Hair

I think you know that I have a bandage above my right eyebrow, and I must keep that bandage dry, from water and sweat. I have problem with this. Why? I can’t wash my hair like the usual way :/ I hadn’t wash my hair for 3 days (iyuhh) and my hair was oily and dirty.

So, I think for another way. What did I do?

I found the unique way of washing my hair 😀 It’s similar to the way the hairdresser clean our hair 8D

First, I must prepare for plastic chair, few thick towel, shampoo (of course), and shower. I asked my mom to be the one who wash my hair.

Second, sit on the chair. Put one of the thick towel on the back of the chair, the one that touch the neck.

Third, put the other thick towel on my forehead.

Forth, my mom washed my hair.

Use the other thick towel to dry my hair.


Finish 😀

Do you know another unique way of washing the hair? Please tell me ^^ I want to try them too :3


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