I had my mole removed

So, like what I mentioned before, yeah… I had my mole removed, yesterday (June 19th, 2012) ==

The doctor did his good job, but the nurse…. She made mistakes, lots of mistakes until the doctor angry ==”

I have a thick bandage above my right eyebrow now 😡 I feel shy to go outside because of this bandage :/

The doctor said that he will change my bandage on Friday and he will put off my bandage next Tuesday…

I had another mole above my mouth but I think I’ll think twice for removing it because of the ‘careless’ nurse… 😡


Yah, I can’t wait for the removing of my bandage.. 🙂 I feel like I want to change the date to June 26th, 2012 XD


Do you have a mole? Have you ever been to a doctor and removed it?


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