I’m on holiday now ^^ Actually it started from June 10th (about last week) and it will ended on July 7th 😦

What have I been doing in this week? 😛 Only reading novels, watching National Geographic Channel (improving my English listening skill^^) , and browsing the internet.

And my plans for this holiday,,..

  • Removing my ‘quite big’ mole above my right eyebrow. I’ve made an appointment with the doctor, and it will be on June 19th
  • Having a great time with all my family from mother’s side from Jakarta (my dad is the only child in his family so I don’t have cousin from him :3 ), and going outside the town
  • Finishing the English version novel “The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict” by Trenton Lee Stewart. The reason I want to finish it because I want to add more vocabulary in my mind, and usually it helps in English competitions I joined 🙂
  • The last, waiting for letters and postcards!! <3<3

I’ve replied all of my pen pals letters, but no letters coming this week 😦 I hope lots of letters will come tomorrow ^^

Do you have holiday right now? What are your plans for holiday? ^^


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