Hi Cousins!

 (June 27th, 2012)

2 days ago , my 4 cousins, 2 aunts and 2 uncles from Jakarta (Indonesia capital city) came to Surabaya (my city!) ^^

The first family to come was my mom’s little sister’s family. They arrived at 12 o’clock. I was shocked at my 2 cousins height [G & V], THEY ARE VERY TALL @.@ And I looked at myself, “Oh, why am I so small…”

I had a quite awkward time with G & V because we didn’t meet for a year, so I heard my aunt and my mom chatted about everything. Their story were interesting, between nostalgia and their life stories. And they also complained why were my other 2 cousins, my aunt, and my uncle (my mom’s 3rd brother, her 1st and 2nd brother + his family lives in Surabaya) hadn’t arrived.

Around 2PM, they finally arrived. Yay~ My other cousin (A) is very tall, he’s the tallest among us, cousins. And his little brother, (Jv) is taller than me too DX. Their mom (Ld) gave all of us eclairs that she had made. Very delicious~ :3

We had a quite awkward time with them too, because of the same problem :p

At 4PM, the awkward moment moved away. I talked with my cousins about National Geographic channel, and laughed, better than before ^^

In the evening, we prepared for dinner outside, to a yummy steak restaurant. Jv’s steak that he ordered before my mom’s 1st brother family came, taken by my mom’s 1st brother (D)! Poor Jv… He must waited for half an hour (until our steak already eaten, except D’s wife and son, and he felt very hungry)

After the dinner, we went home. All of the family member from Jakarta stay in my grandparents’ home


(June 28th, 2012)

I went to my grandparents’ home in the afternoon. My mom and I were very hungry, but no food left there. My grandma didn’t cook because in the morning they ate at the soto restaurant. So, my mom and I ordered a fried rice :/

After we ate our fried rice, I practiced music with G & V, and had the name “Son, Daughter, and Grandchildren’s Band” (It’s a band for our grandparents). I play the violin, G plays the electric guitar, V plays the recorder, my mom’s little sister’s husband, R, plays the guitar and arrange our play. My only female cousin, Lf, maybe will play the piano / keyboard (We haven’t practiced with Lf). We will performed June 29th and June 30th. After practicing, I looked at the clock, whoa.. We used hours for practicing our play XD

In the evening, my mom’s sister’s family, my grandparents, my mom and I went to Lf’s house. We talked a lot there~! I was kind of disturbed because my mom and grandma kept asking me and my cousins to speak Chinese. I’m bad at Chinese! DX and also English, English is okay, I’m quite good at it. But I answered their question using Indonesian because I’m not confident to talk in English in front of everyone 😦

7.30PM, Lf and his father (L) <note: Lf’s mom (S) and Lf’s big brother (H) went to a seminar== > asked us to eat ice cream. Of course we agreed!

At the ice cream place, it was so crowded! We couldn’t find tables and seats, so we waited. Lf and I acted like the guards, the table guards, to be exactly. I almost want to laugh whenever I think about it. A group of middle-age woman wanted to take the table that we guarded before (they came after us), of course we were angry, and we won, they didn’t take our table, hahahah 8D After a quite long time, finally we gathered 3 tables, with 10 chairs. Finally we ordered and ate our ice cream.

That’s my story about the 27th and the 28th of June ^^ The thing that I won’t forget is that my family always ask about the bandage above my eyebrows (where I had my mole removed) XD

So, what are your interesting activities these days? How many cousins do you have and do you meet them regularly? Have you ever had a big family reunion?


Unique Way of Washing My Hair

I think you know that I have a bandage above my right eyebrow, and I must keep that bandage dry, from water and sweat. I have problem with this. Why? I can’t wash my hair like the usual way :/ I hadn’t wash my hair for 3 days (iyuhh) and my hair was oily and dirty.

So, I think for another way. What did I do?

I found the unique way of washing my hair 😀 It’s similar to the way the hairdresser clean our hair 8D

First, I must prepare for plastic chair, few thick towel, shampoo (of course), and shower. I asked my mom to be the one who wash my hair.

Second, sit on the chair. Put one of the thick towel on the back of the chair, the one that touch the neck.

Third, put the other thick towel on my forehead.

Forth, my mom washed my hair.

Use the other thick towel to dry my hair.


Finish 😀

Do you know another unique way of washing the hair? Please tell me ^^ I want to try them too :3

I had my mole removed

So, like what I mentioned before, yeah… I had my mole removed, yesterday (June 19th, 2012) ==

The doctor did his good job, but the nurse…. She made mistakes, lots of mistakes until the doctor angry ==”

I have a thick bandage above my right eyebrow now 😡 I feel shy to go outside because of this bandage :/

The doctor said that he will change my bandage on Friday and he will put off my bandage next Tuesday…

I had another mole above my mouth but I think I’ll think twice for removing it because of the ‘careless’ nurse… 😡


Yah, I can’t wait for the removing of my bandage.. 🙂 I feel like I want to change the date to June 26th, 2012 XD


Do you have a mole? Have you ever been to a doctor and removed it?

Badminton – Indonesia Open 2012

Yesterday, June 17th, 2012 was the final of the Indonesia Open 2012 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the whole game because I went to church, but I saw when Lee Youngdae and Jung Jaesung were receiving their gold medal

I watched the whole game of Li Xueri (China) and Saina Nehwal (India) match. The points were 21-13, 20-22, 19-21. The last 2 games were very tight 😡 and congratulation to Saina ^^

The next matches were matches which were Indonesian players in them 😀

Simon Santoso (Indonesia) – Du Pengyu (China)

And the points, 21-18, 13-21, 21-11. Simon made lots of mistakes in game 2 but he did better in the 3rd game ^^ Yay for Simon 😀

The last match were Sudket Prapakamol – Saralee Thoungthongkam (Thailand) vs Tantowi Ahmad – Lilyana Natsir (Indonesia)

They played fast, and I always held my breath because the games were… Wow x.x

Indonesia lost 😥 21-17, 17-21, 21-13 T.T

I’m sad because of that 😦

I didn’t see the double women, in the internet it’s written that Wang Xiaoli-Yu Yang from China won 🙂

Well, I hope Indonesian players will win in Olympic 2012!!!! 😀


The match result:

Woman’s Double : Wang Xiaoli – Yu Yang vs Tian Qing – Zhao Yunlei (17-21, 21-9, 21-16)

Men’s Double : Jung Jae Sung – Lee Yong Dae vs Mathias Boe – Carsten Mogensen (23-21, 19-21, 21-11)

Women’s Single : Saina Nehwal vs Li Xueri (13-21, 22-20, 21-19)

Men’s Single : Simon Santoso vs Du Pengyu (21-18, 13-21, 21-11)

Mixed Doubles : Sudket Prapakamol – Saralee Thoungthongkam vs Tontowi Ahmad – Lilyana Natsir (21-17, 17-21, 21-13)


I’m on holiday now ^^ Actually it started from June 10th (about last week) and it will ended on July 7th 😦

What have I been doing in this week? 😛 Only reading novels, watching National Geographic Channel (improving my English listening skill^^) , and browsing the internet.

And my plans for this holiday,,..

  • Removing my ‘quite big’ mole above my right eyebrow. I’ve made an appointment with the doctor, and it will be on June 19th
  • Having a great time with all my family from mother’s side from Jakarta (my dad is the only child in his family so I don’t have cousin from him :3 ), and going outside the town
  • Finishing the English version novel “The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict” by Trenton Lee Stewart. The reason I want to finish it because I want to add more vocabulary in my mind, and usually it helps in English competitions I joined 🙂
  • The last, waiting for letters and postcards!! <3<3

I’ve replied all of my pen pals letters, but no letters coming this week 😦 I hope lots of letters will come tomorrow ^^

Do you have holiday right now? What are your plans for holiday? ^^


I’m Jofiane Tirza Koesnadi, and you can call me Fia. My birthday is on April 17, and I’m from Indonesia! 😀

This blog will contain my ‘quite interesting’ activity stories, photos that I took [I really loveeeee photography] , and my traveling stories (Not now, but I will ^^). I would like to hear your stories too! 🙂

I’ve ever been to many countries : Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Southern China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, West Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel 😀

Sorry if my grammar and vocabulary are wrong.. I’m studying English now and I’ll be happy if you tell me what my mistakes~

You can contact me by sending emails to jofiane@yahoo.com

Thank you, and please enjoy ! ^^